1st TRT Follow-Up Lab Results

I have been taking 200mg test cyp a week for 8 weeks. Taking 86 mg every 3 days IM and i got the blood test done 1.5 days after a pin (so in between the pins).

I have not been taking any AI because i wanted to just see if i could get away without needing multiple things. I havent had any high estrogen symptoms but seems my e2 is high. I have anastrazole 0.25 mg. I was thinking taking it twice a week a day after each pin?

Also my total Test is 1347 and free is 271. So i also was going to lower the dose some to stay in the more normal range. I know the labs were taken probably a little after the peak action but i would think with every 3 days it would be a little more stable and not totally off from what it is on average.

Also rbc, hct and hgb are high so i thought about donating a unit of blood.

So basically what do you all think about these labs and recommendations about the lower dosage and adding in anastrazole?

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Lower dose sure, but this isn’t your lowest point during the week. Kinda in the middle. So lower the dose first and see how you feel. If you still have some high e2 symptoms after that then add in the AI

No surprise here, this should have been expected because 200 mg weekly is at the upper end for TRT dosages.

I would drop the weekly dosage down to 120-140 mg.

Ya i wanted to start high and work down. I was thinking like trying 140 and then seeing what estradiol is. I would like to stay away from an AI. Like i said though if i wouldnt have checked the e2 i wouldnt have known it was high because not having any high e2 symptoms.

A couple of things:

Those levels are expected, not so much due to the dose, but the timing of the blood draw. They would likely drop around 15% if at the trough.

How at you feeling? You have no E2 symptoms, and many do not with levels like yours and even higher, only benefit. Absent symptoms, I would not worry about the E2. You do not need to donate blood, unless your BP is up or you are feeling discomfort. You can, but it is not necessary. But you are only two months in, and you are at 52%. (where was it initially?) I would expect it to go higher with more time, so perhaps it may be a good idea to get a handle on it. Make sure you are well hydrated. I’ve had many guys with increased hct due to that. Fasting labs, first thing in the am, they do not eat, but drink no water as well.

I feel really good. My BP is usually normal. Highest i have see is 130s systolic. My baseline rbc was 5.14, hgb 15.5 and hct 45.9.

As far as testing, would you recommend going on the day i pin right before i pin?

I also made sure i drank adequately before i went to bed and when i got up as to not be dehydrated and inaccurately elevate my h/h.


Nice, not sure I’d change anything then.

What you’re doing is not TRT.

You can actually lower the dose and use no AI.

Thats why i got my labs checked. I dont want to be supratherapeutic aka above normal range. I want the test levels to be in a normal range but a high normal not 400. At 400s total and 60 free i felt like shit. And now feel great but would like to adjust dose enough to be in normal range but still feel great. And like i said i do not want to use AI either unless no choice.

I think i am going to try 70 mg every 3 days and see from there what test and e2 looks like. And adjust again if needed. Would like to find a dose where free and total are in normal range and the estradiol is not quite as high and where i still feel good aka no low T symptoms.

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Why not just try 100 mg once per week?

I rather not have a big peak and then drop by end of week. If i was to do 100 i would still break it up to every 3 days. Like 43mg every 3. I just know from going on vacation for 8 days i took a weeks worth and i felt super good the day or 2 after and crap by day 8. But who knows maybe if still too high and for convenience i might go to that later. I even debated daily sub q shots. I feel i do better with more frequent shots and less high and low aka stable levels.

What does your doctor say?

This is not TRT anymore. Dont kid yourself.
This is a classic example of what ive seen so many damn times.

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Since this post i have lowered it to 0.3ml (60mg) every 3 days. I am going to get labs here in a few weeks and get my trough free and total test and estradiol. I still feel ok but much less like a steroid cycle. And i did donate blood.

200 a week in still a trt dose per medical prescribing but for me and probably most, it was supratherapeutic and more like very light cycle.

I also have not taken any AI. I feel this new dose is in range and estradiol is much lower. My goal is to be in normal range. I am not trying to be high or on a low cycle. And health is priority.

“My goal is to be in normal range” ≠ “And health is priority.”

If your health is determined by a range of averages, at least let it be a range based on people in optimal health that remained healthy in the longterm. For example, subjects that had low T and developed health issues because of it later in life, would still be included. This defeats the purpose of using the range for a clinical diagnosis all together.

Take the dose that improves your health markers and that resolves your symptoms.

Which health markers specifically? This lower dose also has helped my symptoms. Not to the same degree as the higher dose but my thinking is that even if it is too high, i will feel awesome, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy for me to be that high. If i cant rely on normal ranges how can i gauge that i am not hurting my body even though i feel great mentally, physically, sexually, ect. Because i have done a cycle in the past and of course was way too high but felt great.

Basically other than getting rid of low t symptoms, what else would i use to know i am healthy. My cholesterol, kidneys, liver are all good. I just would like to know your opinion on what i should be looking for

For cardiovascular health, I pay most attention to fasting glucose, insulin, crp, homocysteine, trig/hdl, blood pressure. Have a cardiologist look at your heart and do a CAC test if you are over 40. Establish a baseline a do follow-up visits. You probably don’t want to tell him you’re on TRT, because he will try to convince you to stop.

Concerning your dose, the goal is not to be superman or always feel awesome, but if your symptoms aren’t fully resolved then your dose could be too low. In my opinion, symptoms are a sign of your body not being well.So taking a lower dose, because you don’t want to do harm, although you pay close attention to health markers, seems contradictory.

I’m not at all saying everybody needs to be on higher dosages, but just writing them off for everyone like some people do because it doesn’t fit the popular definition of TRT or because “it is a light cycle” is not rational. Semantics aren’t a good argument. The meaning of words also tends to change with time. Neither is just being scared because it is out of range. Agreed, we need more studies on supraphysiological levels, but we all know the funding by pharma isn’t there.

The current range is a simply not a good tool for health. How many of us were within the range and felt like crap, but were told that they are normal because of that range? How can the range be responsible for people not getting the help they needed when it concerns low testosterone, but still be the main tool to gauge health concerning levels on TRT? If you want to measure health, look at health markers. Don’t look at a range that wasn’t created for that purpose.

But that is just my opinion. I am just a stranger on the internet.

Ok so for last 4 weeks I lowered trt dose to 70 mg every 3 days (was at 86mg q3d last lab results)

My Total T is now 981 (in normal range) was 1347 on previous dose.
My Free T is 164 now was 271 on previous dose
My Estradiol is now 44 and was 71. Both times without any AI or HCG.

However i feel low energy now. No motivation to lift. And erections are not quite normal. Feel like gaining some fat.

I wonder if this is an OK test dose but i just need to add AI to combat the high e2? When T is higher i dont notice estrogen as much but now it being lower test i can tell more.

I ideally dont like to take multiple things. I felt like every 3 days would keep e2 down better than once a week.

I dont know if i would feel better or worse on less test and lower e2 that way or just go back to last dose with more test and felt better or just keep dose pretty much where at but add AI???

My E2 before TRT was always 17 to 19.