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1st Tren Cycle. Advice on Pct?

Ive been weary of tren for a while but I finally decided to try it and see what happens. Im on day 12 right now. Cycle is as follows.
Week 1-12 Test Prop 200mg week
Week 1-12 Tren Ace 200mg week
Week 1-12 Aromasin 10mg eod
Week 1-12 Caber .5mg E3D
Nolva 20/20/20/20

I was going to run aromasin and clomid on my pct but I think I am over thinking it. My last pct was just nolva for 4 weeks at 20mg a day and it was great. Give me you thoughts? Also, since im running prop and acetate should I start my pct the day after my last pin?

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Looks fine. Maybe drop Tren a week or 2 before the test. And yea you could jump right into your pct. maybe run it an extra week. Like 40/20/20/20/10


That’s some pretty mild dosing. But I’m not hating you should be seeing pretty nice gains. What are your goals for this cycle??

Also I take it your running 50 of each EOD??

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Lol I know its some mild dosing but Tren has some pretty crazy sides and Its my first time with it. I wanted to run the lowest amount possible so I can bump it up as I go progress through my cycle. I am pinning 50mg EOD right now. I plan to bump the tren and prop to 300mg a week on monday though.
My goal for this cycle is to gain some more lean mass going into summer.
Im also trying kris gethins 12 week muscle building program during this cycle because it will be a good way to log what Im doing and Ive heard its actually a pretty good program. Ive never done a formal program before and I thought it would be a good addition to a tren cycle.

I have looked my best when using test prop/tren ace…

The diet and training was spot on but no doubt the gear combo (100mg test prop/100mg tren ace ed) was perfect for the lean and vascular summer look - strong as hell too…

Very mild dose, but at least you are being sensible I guess…

Any hcg being used on cycle?

Negative. I was using hcg on my last cycle and well, I won’t do that again. Maybe sometime down the ride I will try it on my pct but not until I know what I am doing.
Just to clear up my confusion, so far you guys are saying JUST run the nolvadex on my PCT and don’t use the clomid?

Why are you not running HCG on cycle?

Running HCG on cycle with an AI like Arimidex should be mandatory, at best use a SERM instead of an AI but this is still inferior.

I run 250-300iu HCG every 3 days with 0.5-1mg adex eod depending on gear dosage.

PCT should just be one SERM, I prefer Nolvadex…

I currently have used the standard, after using HCG on cycle, 40/40/20/20 with good results but I am going to try lower dose Nolvadex for a longer period of time next PCT.

My first ever PCT I used chlomid and nolva for PCT, the idea was to help the body recover from all angles.

Now, without under standing the full science behind it completely, the idea of choosing 1 serm at a lower dose means the body isn’t stimulated more than necessary but more so bought back to natural levels in a better, more gradual way… Taking both chlomid and nolvadex would basically have the same effect of taking a large dose of one or the other…

I ran hcg on my last cycle for half of it and started getting a shit ton of acne and other estrogen related side effects, I stopped and all my sides went away. I was being very emotional too. Im good on hcg

Were you using an AI on cycle during this time?

What was your cycle and HCG dosing when this happened?

It is obviously up to you n all, but, if taking something 2-3 times per week at 250iu kept me from firing blanks I would defo give it another go… Not to mention how it makes recovery easier come the time you come off…

I was running 750mg Test E and 400mg Deca. I was using 250iu HCG 2x a week. I was using Arimadex at .5mg eod. Firing blanks does not matter to me. My fiance and I do not want another kid lol!

Adex may have been too low.

When I go over 1g of gear per week I up it to 1mg eod…

Lol fair enough, if you ever plan to come off cycle then I also really advise trying HCG again with adex at a higher dose.

Anyway, enough on HCG!

Maybe extend PCT by a few weeks also if only using 20mg Nolva instead of the old 40/40/20/20…

Andy, can you please tell me more about the advantages of using HCG while on cycle?

I’m gonna start a basic Test-E 500mg/week cycle next month, along with 0.25 or 0.5mg stanozole EOD, and nolva 40/40/20/20/10 PCT.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about using hcg while on cycle, but I’m young and fertility is a concern for me, so if it avoids making me fire blanks, i’ll definitely give it a go.

It stimulates LH rather than FSH.

This means it is more about keeping your body producing natural testosterone, rather than feetility, so once you cycle off steroids you don’t end up needing TRT!

That being said, I think it does play a role in keeping everything in check downstairs for sure.

So the idea is to use HCG on cycle to prevent full shut down and your balls stimulated via synthetic LH…

People like Rich Piana recomend to use HCG during PCT so your body does one thing at a time…

I and many others think that preventing shut down in the first place, rather than trying to get everythijg back to normal levels during PCT is a better choice.

Your PCT should be for a lomger suration using Nolvadex at 20mg for 8 weeks +

Thanks I’ll definitely do that

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