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1st Timer Needs Advice


I recently began a a cycle of stanozolol orals. 20 mg tags of wich im taking one everother day. Also im on test repacement therapy of 200 mg per week. As for the stano I was wondering if the dosing seems right. Ive seen a wide range depending where I look.
Also should I continue with creatine while on stano?

Pct tips would be a help too.


Your dosage is very low. Creatine is fine. Why would you pct if you are on TRT?

Did you research at all? As in for longer than a 30 second google search


Thanks for your response. As I said I am new to this. I did a significant amount of reseithernd there is alot of different ant conflicting info out there. Thats why im here so bear with my ignorance please. In the research I have done I haven't ran across trt being adequate for pst. So forgive me again for being stupid but
is that what you are saying? Maybe I shouldnt be doing trt for extended periods of time either.


i honestly don't think you looked too hard if you're taking 20 mg of Winny EOD....

anyway, what is your TRT regimen? just test, or A-dex and HCG as well?


do you even know why people run PCT in the first place? It's to restore natural testosterone production that was suppressed during the steroid cycle. If you're on TRT, that means you're not producing your own testosterone, and you're not going to unless you discontinue TRT. That's why PCT is not necessary.

And what do you mean you shouldn't be doing TRT for an extended period of time? Why did you start in the first place if you weren't making a lifelong commitment? TRT is meant for those who do not produce a normal amount of testosterone. If your body produces testosterone adequately, you shouldn't have been prescribed TRT. If your body does not, you should stay on TRT long term. Is your TRT prescribed by a doctor?


But he's not doing PCT, he is doing PST.. whatever that means. I obviously need to do more reseithernd