1st Timer Marine Cycle

What up beefcakes this is my first post on the site, ive read through all the newbie threads as well as bookmarking all the good stuff. Seen some good info from the vets which us newbies should deffinetly appreciate.

Ht- 6’2’’
Wt- 215lbs
Goals- Put some size on and strength and shed some bf as an indirect secondary goal

I have a pretty solid athletic background. played football from age 7 til high school til I joined the god damn best fighting force in the world, the mother fucking UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! Been in the gym the entire time.

I’ve been doin my research for some time now and I think I have came up with a pretty basic beginner cycle let me know whatchu think

Test-E 400mg/wk E3d
Tren-A 250mg/wk e3d to see reaction <–This is still up in the air, please any feedback appreciated
HCG 250iu/e3d
B12 shots 2x/wk
Arimadex .25mg/EOD (ED if needed)

wk10-15 pct nolvadex ED

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Semper Fi

Semper Fi Brother,

The outline of the cycle isn’t too bad, just a couple of things. The Test E is pretty standard as far as a dosage and the time between injections is just fine for enanthate. Tren is the nectar of the gods!!! With that being said, it is pretty hard on the body for a first cycle. I used it on my first cycle. Stand by for night sweats and insomnia. Make sure you have some sleeping pills, generic ones should work just fine. Also, Tren Acetate is a short ester so the half life is very short. If you pin every 3rd day it might be too long between shots. I pin every other day when I use Tren Ace. You could use Tren E and get away with less shots, I do 2 per week when using enanthate.(Mon and Thu). I can’t say much about HCG yet. I have it but I haven’t been on a cycle. I’m on a cruise between cycles for now. Arimadex EOD should be just fine. Also wanna make sure your diet is on point and you are getting enough of the right foods. If you are consistent with that and your cycle is good, you should see some great results. Good luck man.

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i did this cycle first time i tried tren like 2 years ago but i was on higher doses of test the tren i started at 350mg and did not feel much i was around 190lb then… i suggest use that dose and see how you feel then taper up, first time i used tren had no sides even at 400mg+ only one morning while walking towards my car i felt like i was a 400 lb obese man taking very large gulps of air…was out of breath fast… also you will start to sweat like a mofo even going up stairs… tren is some potent stuff but worth it if you got low sides…

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cool man ill look into Tren-E a bit more. Nectar of the gods huh? FUCK YEA!

My diet i maintain fairly well, mostly meat beer and pussy, with some veggies thrown in, the usual! thanks for the help devil Semper Fi

Kryptonite, thats my plan is to hopefully taper up a bit more, mostly of what I’ve read is most vets recommend higher amounts of Tren, i jus figure i can always take more if my body reacts well. thanks man.

Pinning tren A every 3 days is pretty pointless. Tren A peaks at around 24 hours and then levels begin to drop, and this is why people should pin tren every day, rather than every other day.

Youre just putting your body through a hormonal shit storm doing it that way. Tren A sides go away pretty quickly once you stop the drug, so you might as well suck it up and pin every day.

So not do hCG and SERMs together as you will overload LH receptors and probably end up with high E2.

You can do hCG+AI or SERM+AI

SERM and hCG doses should not be high. Most suggested doses in this and similar BB forums are deeply flawed and stupid.

ok so heres the cycle starting this week

Wk 1-10 Test-E 500/wk which will be 250mg on mon/thu
Wk 1-10 Tren-E 250/wk which will be 125mg on mon/thur
Wk 1-15 Arimidex .5 EOD if needed
wk 1-10 B12 1x a week

Wk 1-15 Adex .5 EOD
WK 10-12 Hcg 500iu/E3D
Wk 12-15 Clomid 100mg EOD

This is your FIRST cycle right?? U don’t need tren on your first run. Test will be plenty. Look at it like your a virgin and tren being double anal. YOU DONT WANNA START THERE. Test will pop your cherry just fine bro. Tren can unload an arsenal of sides that u don’t want anything to do with, plus u need to learn how your body will respond to test only first. Learn how to manage e2 on test first. Your body will grow the most on your first cycle, of test.

As you go, cycle to cycle, u can add a compound or so each time and slowly work your way up to using tren. I see no DA in your protocol. Do you know how to manage prolactin sides?? I’m gonna guess no. BTW. running test twice the dose of tren will cause tren sides to be exaggerated as well. Trust me when I say drop the tren bro. u don’t need it yet. Extend test out another couple weeks or so (12-14 week).

AI looks good but u will need bloodwork to see how much and if u need to take it. I’m not an HCG guy(don’t want more kids!!) but I’m pretty sure u can run it the entire cycle to keep the boys swole. These statements are my opinions thru my experience and from research and others shared experiences. Best of luck to you bro!! Hoo - rahh!!

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This is your FIRST cycle right?? U don’t need tren on your first run. Test will be plenty. Look at it like your a virgin and tren being double anal. YOU DONT WANNA START THERE.

LMAO! Seriously tho I wouldn’t include tren on my first cycle you are playing with fire and you have gasoline all over your hands… and balls basically!