1st Time with Clenbuterol, Female

Hi I’m 35 yr old female, new to clenbuterol. Curious best cycle for someone with sensitivity, i.e. occassional palpitations. Read 2 days ON/OFF and then 2 weeks ON 2 weeks OFF cycle which the latter is the one that sounds would be most beneficial.


  1. 2 weeks on, what amounts?
  2. After 2 weeks OFF, do I start another cycle if goals aren’t achieved? And if so do I start back at the beginning dosage of initial week 1 cycle 1?

Despite some vilification of this drug, I don’t consider it that bad. However, if one is already predisposition to palpitations as you are, I would not partake. Usually you start at 20mcg and ramp up to ~100-120mcg over a two week period. Then abstain for two weeks and repeat.


Thanks… in your opinion would anavar be a better option for fat loss?

Eating less would be the better option for fat loss. Failing that albuterol would be a better choice. With palpitations neither clen nor albuterol are particularly smart ideas, but one would be better than the other.


Thanks @iron_yuppie currently eating in a deficit and adding HIIT to my workout schedule in addition to lifting 5-6x per week. Just have had a hell of a time finding the right macros/combo for fat loss and wanted to consider something that would kickstart so to speak.

I have put my girl on clen also, so i do have some experience with this for females(i would wish her never any harm, ofc) so this is what we did :

1)As we tought she would get bad sides, we cut tablets with a knife in half, so she would get 10mcg doses.
2)We start with 10mcg in the morning on day one. And increase the dose by another 10mcg every day. Monitor how you feel.
3)Increase dose up until you feel that you dont want any more sides. Jitters, feeling warm, a mild headache is OK on clen. You increase the dose for 10mcg up till you feel like “nope, this is not ok anymore” and then you go down 10mcg.
So lets say you increase to 60mcg, and then you shake a bit much, you cant work normally, you feel a bit off, maybe your head hurts - so 50mcg is your dose, you go back down and stick to that for 2 weeks.
4)After 2 weeks ON, you just drop it cold turkey and enjoy your 2 weeks of not shaking like an ex-alcoholic.
5)When ready to get back on, you can increase the dose a bit faster. If 60mcg was your dose, do 20-40-60 and stay there for 2 weeks again.

If anymore questions - ask. Also, feel free to update us in here on how you feel each day.

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Nope. It doesnt help at all in that. My GF on 10mg a day gained strenght, muscle and size. We combine var and clen, caloric deficit and 531 strenght training. Var seems to work more as a builder for her even on caloric deficit.

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I’m going to agree with @iron_yuppie here and say that increasing your caloric deficit would be a smarter option.

That being said: I love clen and have rarely had any noticeable issues with it until it’s dosed enough to give me the shakes, which is quite high and I no longer approach that level. I’ve taken it for 6 weeks straight at lower dosages without noticing any issues. I have no known pre-existing conditions.

My wife however: even 10 mcg gives her gnarly headaches as she is prone to migraines. She can’t take clen.

If you have pre-existing heart issues I would definitely recommend staying away from clen and probably most other stimulants. But you’re an adult (I assume) and can make your own choices. If you choose to try clen definitely go with a low dose like 10-20 mcg for a few days and monitor your heart. If all is well and good maybe try upping the dose for a few days and again monitoring your heart. Lather, rinse, repeat.


That’s exactly what oxandrolone was made for; to prevent muscle wasting in a calorie deficit. You could add it if you intend to try to preserve muscle but it wouldn’t theoretically help with fat loss.

What are your goals?
Are you close to attaining them?

I ask, because I only used Clenbuterol the final few weeks before a show to get a sharply defined look. It was for that last little bit of fat that diet alone could not attain.

For females clen is mildly anabolic, so it wont burn muscle as it could be with males. If a girl on a long diet with cardio and training just wants some extra shreds, var is not needed. It depends on a goal. For a female with little strenght and a bit of muscle there is no need for something as strong for females as var.

I’m not sure the physiological impacts of clen are much different based on sex, although I am a fan of anecdotal info which this is. Studies I have seen for Clen being anabolic are from 1991, that is new for me I assumed catabolic based on its mechanisms of artificially increasing your bodies energy expenditures. There are also studies stating that higher doses are catabolic. For oxandrolone, yes there would be a difference based on sex. Oxandrolone at low doses (2.5mg) is used to prevent muscle wasting, so, based on goals it may be useful, but not in fat loss. @vixen85 what are your ultimate desired goals? You’ve named two drugs that carry a lot of discussion on this forum, would be helpful to pinpoint advice.

they are not… its very very mildly anabolic, so for females it is enough to prevent burning off muscle, while for males it is not noticable and since males use twice the dosage, it is considerably catabolic.

I’m strong and have a solid foundation of weightlifting. However I have fat that I want to lose and need help getting there. I have my macros done by trainer I’m adhering but no movement… I used to be able to just workout and stayed lean but I yo yo-Ed after my 3rd child bad and never got back where I wanted to be. I wasn’t looking for magic pill but definitely something to up the level while I’m fine tuning my macros and figuring this out.

Currently I’m 5’5” 185 and lift 1-1.5 hr last 5-6x a week
Cardio just incorporated 3x a week minimum as HIIT

Goal weight/size 160 size 4/6 current pants size 10

Macros 2,000 cals 25%carbs /40% fat/ 35% protein

Thank you all for your help and discussion I sincerely appreciate it.

yea, thats why there is no movement…

My GF is 5’11 , weighs 155lbs, deadlifts 230lbs and 1700kcal is her HIGH carb day.

Clen will do nothing for you. You are eating like you want to bulk up. Either you must do 2x2 hour cardio sessions or you must reduce kcals by a lot.
Clen cant burn off half the stuff you eat. Its a waste of clen and risk of health for no good reason.

Also, drop the waste of time in gym. You dont need more than 2-3 weight sessions a week with those stats. You are better off spending those 90mins on an elyptical. Weight training burns almost nothing compared to 90mins of elyptical.


these are pictures of my clients(just so you know i know my stuff)

so what i would do for you :
1)531 training 2 day a week template
2)4 days a week at least 60mins on elyptical with progressive overload - aim for maximum resistance
3)1500kcal a day, 2000kcals one day a week
4)im a strong believer in Intermittent Fasting, so if you can do it - eat your calories in 6 hour window max… i preffer at night cuz thats when im the most hungry.

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I can support all of what hank wrote with the experience I had dieting with my GF.

I prefer walking to the elliptical though, as it doesn’t spike Cortisol but 1-2 h of walking burns a good amount of kcals.


I agree here. It is also something many people will stick too. I walk 45 minutes almost everyday (except when it is raining, or extremely cold / snowing). It is a habit at this point. I couldn’t ever get the elliptical to be a habit for me.


*lose too much muscle

I would call this jacked. You have muscle. I can see your delts popping. The fastest route to looking the closest to those women is to lose fat.

Keep in mind that these women are probably extremely motivated, and are making a lot of sacrifices to get where they are. The good news is you already look good. Focus on leaning out a bit. I don’t personally think you need to get to the leanness of those other women (but do what makes you happy). I think half way to the leanness of those models from where you are would really make a big difference on looking jacked. If you get there, then maybe think of trying to get to the next level like those models.