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1st time Test-E Dbol, looking for advice

Sup Bros,

So first off ill start with the stats:

6 foot 2 23 yrs
240lbs currently, stage weight 205lbs
Training 2.5 years

Bench 315
Squat 405
DL 500

3400-4000 cal /day depending on muscle group trained

Roughly 450g carbs 75g fat 280g protein

Was looking for advice on running a test- e and d-bol cycle.
Would be my first cycle. So far its looking like:


Wks 1-10 : 300mg test-e E3D
Wks 1-4: 30mg Dbol ED
Wks 1-10: Arimidex 0.25mg ED


Wks 13-16: Nolva 40/40/20/20

Am I leaving anything out? PCT seems kinda empty. Is this enough to return levels to normal? What else should I consider adding?

Would like an experienced user to overlook this cycle and provide info on what im missing throughout.

Not competing again till next year ( BBing ) and not too concerned about BF levels at this time.

Much love

I don’t know if I’m experienced enough for you bit been using for about 2 years big cycles TRT for about 4 years.
220-230 body weight depending. No bodybuilding experience only powerlifting.
Squat 600
Bench 340
Deadlift 600 for 2

But either way your cycle looks pretty straight forward and good to go. I would personally how ever extend it 2-3 weeks. Your Dbol dose may be high I find anything over 50mg of real Dbol is more than enough and any thing over that I start getting insane back pumps, high Bp, and vicious nose bleeds. How ever I know guys who take up to 150mg daily and are fine. Your PCT is technically sound. The only thing you may consider to help speed up recovery is the last 2-3 weeks of your cycle NOT DURING your PCT blast HCG to help get your boys . How ever I can not really specify on the dose you would need as I have never ran HCG and have no intentions to. Some one will chime in on that for sure. That’s about it have fun.