1st Time, Starting Tomorrow(8/21)

I received my kit today and will start tomorrow upon waking. I’m just an average dude who works 3rd shift, so my breakfast will be around 4 pm. I’ve been in a workout slump for about a month and when my workouts slip, so does my eating. I still eat decent but my downfall is a sweet tooth from hell.
Here are some stats:
Age 41
Height 5’8
Weight 177.2
Waist 36” below navel, 37” at and 36.5 above
Chest 43.5”
Thighs L&R 22.5”
Arms flexed R 15.5” L15.25”

I have a garage gym that I’d say is fully equipped for a garage gym. My plan is 3 to 4 days, each day a version of pull-up, push-up and squat/lunge, plus the daily walk. I decided to do this after watching Dan John on YouTube.

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Awesome man. I’m just starting too. I look forward to watching your progress.
This diet can be really successful if you stick to the parameters. I did it a couple times over the years, and you can really cut some fat quick. Hopefully we can keep each other on track.

Thanks. I’m way more accountable to other people than I am myself. I’m hoping by putting myself out there, on this forum, that I won’t let y’all down and I’ll complete the diet :joy:. Honestly, I’ve never done a diet before, so it’s a little daunting.

I completed the first day without a problem. It actually seemed like I consumed more food than normal and I only felt slightly hungry before the 3rd shake. The whole food meal consisted of 5.5 ounces( cooked weight) of pork chop, 1\2 a small sweet potato and a serving of broccoli sautéed in butter, around 600 calories. I broke out in a sweat after eating it.

I had a 40 minute fast paced walk before work. I walk several miles at work, everyday, in steel toed boots so walking is pretty efficient for me but I do enjoy it. I meet up with my mother, who is 68, two or three days a week and we walk 3-4 miles, have done that for several years. Tonight will be a gym workout followed by another walk.

I’m excited

Hey, Cordell81! You actually have a type of physique that responds well to the V-Diet. All you need to do is carve off a little fluff for the muscle to be revealed.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Thanks for the reply, Chris. I’ve never had Metabolic Drive before and I can honestly say, it’s the best tasting shake I’ve had. 6 ounces of water and some ice in my Ninja blender, it’s perfect. My morning shake, I’ve added a single serving packet of instant coffee. I prefer it over a Mocha, lol.

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Only problem with the Ninja blender is that I always cut myself cleaning those medieval-weapon blades. But man, that thing can plow through ice and make a mean shake!

Instant coffee in a chocolate shake: two thumbs up. One of my favorites.

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Not to Hijack, but do you make the instant coffee INTO coffee or add the crystals directly to the shake? I have added the crystals directly and it hasn’t gone so well. I think I remember it being really bitter. What about making a cup of Kuerig coffee and dumping it in? What’s the functional difference?

I just put the crystals directly into the shake. I bought Folgers Classic Roast single packets. They come 7 to a pack for 70 cents. Nothing bitter about it to me.

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Day 2 is complete. I enjoy the shakes and will continue to have at least 2, once the 28 days is up. I used to fix tons of shakes back in the day but don’t know why I stopped.

This was the 1st workout in a month so I eased into it, to get the ball rolling again. Seems like I will have 4-6 months of unstoppable momentum, then something happens and I’ll take a month off.
Pull-ups x8
Push-ups with pause at top and bottom x15
Goblet squat with 44lb kb x10
Done in a circuit with 60 sec between exercises, 3 rounds
I then took off for a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood.

I noticed my cognitive function was really clear today. Working 3rd shift for over a decade now, the start to most days is somewhat foggy. Maybe it was due to looking forward to accomplishing my daily diet and workout goals, everything else seems like a chore.


I’ve never had a problem with any instant coffee, from the cheap stuff to the fancy organic instant. But your idea would work just fine. Just use less pure water so the added liquid coffee doesn’t water down the flavor too much.

Today’s walk I went to hill that I’ve been coming to for 20 years now. I live in a small town in KY(just south of Louisville). It’s pretty vicious with the incline.

I would estimate the portion of the hill I use is 400 feet long. Usually I will do 2 walks then a sprint as a set, then repeat 3 or 4 times. Today was just walking for 30 minutes, I think it was 9 trips up and down. I’ve worn a heart rate monitor before and a walk will climb into the high 130s, a sprint will take me to 160.

Heading home to fix shake #2.


I love/hate a good hill walk! Funny how an almost-not-visible incline can kick up the heart rate. Glutes and hams wake up and say hello after a while too.

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Just a quick update on weight loss. Yesterday, at the beginning of Day 3, the scale read 176. That would be -1.2lbs. Just woke up and started Day 4 at 173.8…another 2.2 lbs. So far that’s -3.4lbs. Waist at navel measured -3/4”.


Woke up with a headache that stuck around, headaches are rare for me. Almost interfered with workout but finally went away after 4 ibuprofen.
Kneeling Kettlebell press 3x8
Chin-ups 3x8
Reverse lunge weighted 3x10
25 minute walk

Shake #2 for the day and I’m feeling great. Yesterday’s meal was perfect. 5 ounces (cooked weight)ground beef, 1 chicken leg(2 oz)and half a sweet potato . My calculations say 700 calories. Probably repeat the same tonight.


Congrats. Keep it up.

Thank you.

Daily walk is done. 2.5 miles in 45 minutes. It’s hot and humid in Kentucky, sheww. My whole food meal later will be 6 scrambled eggs, a small granny Smith apple, 1 ounce of cheese. Around 620 calories so I will add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter to hit the 700 calories.


Just wanted to chime in and throw out some encouragement - you’re doing great. My wife and I did the v-diet for the first time earlier this summer and are very happy that we did it.

I was reading back through some of the old articles/logs, and how much that it’s a reset for your taste buds and eating habits was a big suprise for me.

Sauteed apples are really good in scrambled eggs, btw.

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Thanks, I’m enjoying the process.