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1st Time Limp D*ck


hi i was on 750mg susta 600 tren e
with 12mg aromasin ed
yesterday before i go to my girlfriend to have sex i take 250mg proviron

that was happen was terifying for me

1st time in my life i cant have an erection for some normal time

i begin take 0.25 dostinex ED and stop tren and i will raise testo

friday i will go do blood test for estradiol and prolactin

what u think?


Do you want a real medical dr opinion or just a random steriod user opinion . The medical opinion will be obvious - You did this to yourself by overloading your body with hormones . Lets hear some users opinions as to the cause and cure .


Definitely high prolactin, but most surely your E2 will be highish too.


I also was on 750mg of test, figured that would never happen to me. I did 5 weeks of Tren and then switched to NPP.... First time with a new girl and absolutly nothing could get me up. First time ever that has ever happened. I immediatly came off NPP and went and got bloodwork. My results are posted and unanswered in both Steroids and TRT forums....
Progesterone was high, and my CK....

I was only taking .5mg of Arimidex too....




progesterone or prolactin was high?
what u did u take dostinex?

i stop tren e and i take now only 750 test a week and 0,25 dostinex ed

viagra will help?



I have seen varying opinions on this..tren/deca dick is not a blood flow issue so I don't think viagra would help you. Give the dostinex time


CK = Creatine Kinase

My hemocrit was really high too.... thats why i just ended the cycle... I was going on past 12 weeks anyways...

I'm sure viagara or cialas would help... but its not a cure


i take dostinex 3 days now...i dnt see any dramatically diference yet :P.... and i have a girlfriend to satisfied


My issue is not really limp dick, but not orgasming, which can lead to limp dick after a while, and is an issue in itself. Again today I could have gone forever, which is not fun, I can already last long, and had to manually take care of business - and that too took a long time. Which is weird as if I watch porn I have no such issue but it happens with a new girl. At least today I was hard all the time, but it has happened that the session outlasts my bloodflow...

I stopped a cycle with Tren 5 weeks ago, and am on TRT of Test/Masteron. about 150mg total weekly. And it is still an issue. What could cure it? Dostinex?


Watch out guys, SwD is real good at teh sexying.


Oh I'm real good at "teh sexying" all right, but guys have nothing to watch out for, sorry to disappoint.

Difficulty to orgasm and/or ED issues are often discussed here, and Tren seems a big culprit, though I wonder if it happens with other AAS besides Tren and Deca. It does play tricks with our minds we would certainly avoid... And I've yet to read a "cure" yet.


I've been off for close to 4 weeks, both tren and NPP, but still on 300mg test cruising and even hgh @ 20iu's/wk and still experiencing it now and then. Even with Cialas. My blood pressure just got down to barely acceptable levels 138/86.... but my heart rate is still high and I'm out of breath so fast, and sweating more. Never had these side effects before.


oh somewhere i read that are men with Delayed ejaculation(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_ejaculation).i have this too i think too that when im on tren its even harder..thats why i stop tren and i continue only with test.

but this limp dick that happen too me it was with a new girl too im not sure if it was tren or just a lot of stress i make blood test for prolactin after 3 days(with dostinex ed)
and my PRL was 0,7 (normal range 2.60 - 18.00 )


Interesting article the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_ejaculation link you posted.

Yet no solution in it we can really apply.


Fake orgasm.


New girl for me also, can bang all my exes with problem.... but hate them, lol


...i don't need viagra just bring me someone who makes me horny.