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1st Time HOT-ROX!


Yesterday was the first time I have tried HOT-ROX. I was very surprised, the day I took it just happened to be leg day I took it with a sip of water befor my first set of calves.

By the third set I could literally feel my body temperature rise or at least that is the sensation I received.

I did not feel jittery but amped and alive. I train old school compound moves 5x5 etc. when finished I usually do not do any cardio after legs I usually train cardio twice a week only but I felt hyped so I did the tredmill.

I did the tread on a 10% Incl. at 2.2 MPH for 20 min my my MHR 164 after a cool down I was fine for the rest of the day no feelings of being anxious like with the old thermogenics.

I just wanted to share this experiance as I feel it may be amongst the most positive experiances I have ever had with a Themogenic.

I have always been a thermogenic fan and have never really had problems with them (I have never belonged to the if 4 is good then a fist full must be great mentality) but this was a different enough experiance to make noteworthy.

Feel free to comment or not just thought you guys might want to here apositive feedback on this product.


When you say a sip of water, do you mean 8 oz. like the label suggests? =D

But I agree, I enjoy HOT-ROX.


Actually about 16oz which is normally about what I drink befor hand (Not sure exactly why I said it like that.


Ok, just makin' sure you were drinkin' properly. =D


ha ha yeah about a gallon a day I am one of those people that actually likes water