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1st Time Cycle for Sports


I have baseball season coming up soon and am a pitcher looking for an advantage. This is my last year playing so this will probably be a one time thing. The season starts in the beginning of April so I figure i have enough time to do one cycle. Im new to steroids, so I am looking for oral steroids. Any tips also would be very helpful. Thanks


You'll need to throw in some test (injection) to avoid shut down from orals.


You mean throw in test to avoid the negative effects of shut down from the orals?


This post hurts my eyes...

Wtf is going on???

How old are you? Stats? I hate posts like this.

"I wanna use AAS. What kind, how much, and where do I get it"


Stats first off. Diet, training etc.

I have a feeling your 17/18

Oral only is not a good idea and most likely will not help you.


i don't think he knows what he's talking about most of the time...


I certainly get that impression as well


why the fuck would you do a cycle for a one time thing, that's just stupid. If you're trying to make it on a college team or to the majors i totally understand but if you're doing it just to do it i think that's dumb imo.


I have a feeling he's in high school. And if he's having to use steroids NOW at this point to do better in sports he's prob not gonna make it far.


Anabolics steroids will do nothing or very little if you're diet and training is not on spot. That's pretty much common sense.

If will help a lot if you evaluate that stuff first, before thinking about AAS. So how's your diet, training schedule?