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1st Time Cutting Cycle

I’ve got a buddy who wants to start his 1st cycle. hes more interested in getting cut up, but would like to build a wider, stronger base too. i suggested he stack wintstrol and deca in an 8 week cycle, using two shots of 1/2 cc per shot each week, and front loading 1 cc per shot the 1st week. anyone have any comments / suggestions?

Just some quick thoughts bro:

  1. I would almost always include some kind of test in a cycle. Maybe give propionate a try, as I understand that water retention and fat deposits are less pronounced than with other esters.

  2. Not sure if I would put deca in a “cutting” cycle, but I’m not a big deca fan either way, so my opinion is biased. Maybe give Tren or Anavar a try?

  3. This is kind of common sense, but you may want to remind your friend that most of his “cutting” will be done in the kitchen, meaning, you can’t get leaner eating junk, no matter what gear you’re using. This sort of ties into point #1 because using test should help him maintain more lean mass while on a restricted calorie diet.

Just my two cents.

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Not sure what you mean by building a “wider, stronger base.” What is the base and how does it get wider and stronger?

In any event, you can’t cut and bulk at the same time, just doesn’t work that way. I would either run tren/winny or tren/var. The tren/winny will be cheaper but if your friend is an athlete the winny can be hard on joints. Anavar is much easier on the joints but is also more expensive. I would also run clen for 2 weeks at the end of the cycle.