1st time, 1st week

Just a few questions. First time doing a keto diet, going straight keto with a few card ups until the weight comes off (hopefully 12-15 pds by June)I figure I have about 25 pds of fat on me. I’m 5’11, started 4/12 @170 pd, went until 4/14 on about 100 carbs per day. 4/15 @ low to no carbs (under 20g per day). 4/18 @ 163.5-164 pds. Weight myself every other day until the weight becomes stable, then switching over to once a week. Currently consuming 1800 kcals, 150 grams fat, 109 grams protein, following the diet religiously. Working 5x5 sets M-W-F. Occasional cardio for now, will start after workouts and off days when I see slow weight loss. Just want some input and suggestions so that I do this right and achieve my goal. Thanks.

Great workout regimen; 5x5 is the perfect program for the diet you are on. I would definitly recommend more protein and less fat. At least 1g/lb of LBM, preferably 1.35 grams.

I’m also currently on a keto diet and I have had done many variations of keto diets over the last 6 years. I will share with you what has worked best for me. For me 13 dys of <30g carbs/dy and then a 24 hr. carb up. If I carb up once a week, the fat loss is much slower and the lbm preservation is not much more, if any. I don’t think the one carb up actually helps me every two weeks, I just do it for a reward and to maintain sanity. I think your protein is too low. I know Dan Duchaine felt that higher fat and lower protein works faster, but in my experience too much lbm was sacrificed. I also consume around 1800cals with at least 180g protein and about 115g fat. Your training sounds about right and is similar to my own protocol. In 4 weeks of keto dieting with 2 24hr carb ups I have dropped 16lbs. (much of it water I’m sure) Believe it or not I have actually gained a little strength. This is the first time this has occured. I keep my workouts low volume and high intensity. 5x5, as you stated you were doing, might be a little much. I prefer 2x5 or 3x5 at the most. Actually I’m doing Brian Haycock’s HST program for this diet and I gotta say It’s great for keto dieting. The full body workout really helps drop glycogen levels quickly. The volume is relatively low which allows me to stay strong. Mostly I consume low carb grow w/h2o, beef, chicken, tuna, flax seed oil, salmon oil pills, a little all natural peanut butter, and a small romaine lettuce salad every day with a full fat dressing. The salad seems to be just enough fibre to let me do my thing on the throne each day. I would’nt bother with keto stix. I have found them to be very unreliable and just make you second guess yourself. Personally I know when I hit ketosis. About 2 1/2 days after I start and after carb ups, I get that dull head ache and feel like shit for about 5 hours. Then I actually start to feel energetic and strong again. Lastly I would avoid cardio until you plateau with the fat loss. Even then I would keep it to no more than 20min. 3x week. These are the things that work well for me. I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but I will add anything that comes to me. Good luck