1st Test Prop Cycle Questions

Hi all,

My main question is figuring out injection sites. I just started prop last sunday with 100mg to the outer quad. That didn’t go well, as it has been extremely sore the entire week, and today is the 1st day I feel I can finally do squats. On Tuesday I did 125mg to my delt and 125mg to the other delt Thursday. My delts handled the test very well, and I even did a shoulder workout the day after injecting.

I’m torn on where to inject next. I’m going to avoid the thigh because it took a week to get over, and I could barely walk. I want to do delts again, but it’s only been 5 days. Is that too soon to go again? I’m also thinking about gluts, but I don’t want to have the same possible effect that my quad had, since I sit all day at work.

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with gluts or other sites? A week just seems way too long for my quad to be that sore, even for areas new to injection…

I just did my first ever inject of Test Cyp into the front of my quad. Sore for 5-6 hours and now it’s fine. 25 guage needle