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1st Test E Only Cycle for Newbie


Hey there, I'm about to start my 10week test e only cycle.

Im going to start with 250mgs.pw of Test E, if no result occur until week 4-5, ill up the dose to 500mgs.

Im going to use Arimidex throughout the cycle 0.5mg EOD, and also use HCG throughout at 250UI PW, may be twice a week.

For PCT i got Nolva and Clomid.

I need some opinions/suggestions whether i really need a HCG and Arimidex throughout the cycle of such a low dose of TEST E?



you should use more test than 250mg a week

I would advise you frontload with 1 gram in the first week, then use 500 a week for the remainder of the cycle.

will hcg be needed? Impossible to say, but it wont hurt.

adex should definitely be used


You need to read. Anyone considering using AAS should know better. Its not that hard to read a few stickies... if I was a newbie.. I would probably read the newbie stickies...