1st Test E Cycle vs Diet. Do I Bother or Not?

Hi all,

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first post within any forum, please forgive any faux pas.

I have taken the time to read all of the recommended beginner threads along with a host of others.

Very much a beginner when it comes to any real lifting routine/plan. At a stage now in life where I have decided that if I am ever going to get bigger (instead of imaging how cool it would be) now is the time.

Having researched lots on beginner cycles I am considering running Test E for 10/12 weeks. And as such have a few questions:

  1. Should I take the time to focus on diet and training consistency before going ahead an running a cycle? I have a meal plan ready to go and will be giving my body more nourishment than it’s ever had (regularly eat below below 1,500 calories). I’m sure given this I can expect to see decent results from this alone. Considering running a cycle to help with motivation (hope that doesn’t sound weird)
  2. Is frontloading cycle with Dbol worth doing (5/6wks). I know this is a personal preference and can expect to wait 4/5 weeks for Test E benefits. But wanted to get some informed opinions given that this is my first cycle.
  3. What I’ve read suggests pinning twice weekly but I have also seen articles that say this can be done once a week (which I like idea of at the minute having not done it before). Does anyone have any experience in pinning once weekly at 300/500mg? If not twice weekly is no big deal but wanted to ask.
  4. Does the below routine lend itself to decent results? Below is in no particular order, does that matter? Aware diet and training discipline are a prerequisite. I have chosen exercises that I know how to do, like i said… beginner. Open to remove include anything that makes sense if there a glaring issues that stand out here.

About Me
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 12.7 stone / 177.8 pounds
Body Fat: Unknown (have a gut, love handles, wide shoulders, but slim legs and arms)
Diet: Currenlty very poor (low calories/low appetite, very often dont eat all day and end up purging in evening). Smoke Mary Jane some evenings and would wake up at 2/3AM and eat anything I can get my hands on. I know this is my biggest issue and it’s one that’s in hand now.
Training Background: Mainly cardio. I have a bench and dumbbells in the garage that I have used intermittently.
Disclaimer: above isn’t pretty reading I know, but theres no point in BSing.
Goal: Get big, gain weight

Potential Routine:
(3 sets of each 9/12 rep range, x4 per week)
Bent Over Barbell Row
Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Down
Bench Press
Leg Press
Lying Leg Curl
Dumbell Curl
Hammer Curl

Have omitted deadlift and squat as underwent a knee operation 8 years ago and I recently aggravated it, ending up on crutches, which is why I am no longer going to run and dont feel comfortable with anything other than machine/isolation lower body.

I also want a routine that hits most groups each visit to the gym as opposed to specific muscle group sessions.

Appreciate any advice that can be given, and hopefully this hasn’t annoyed any of the contributors here! Be gentle lol
(Have seen some posts get shot down)

Have a good day all.


You are definitely not ready for steroids. Period. You have years of hard work in front of you before anybody here will advocate you starting a cycle



Completely understand your perspective.

Just to clarify
I’m not fixated with the idea, which I hope is clear upon reading my post. Also not expecting to start pinning and wake up like Arnie. I know whichever way I go will require hard work in all areas.

The general consensus is that you put in the time and effort to reach natural potential then you can add gear.

However, if your blood work shows low T, then that should be optimized as part of your program

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I agree with Stud whole heartedly. Based on your post you should make plenty of newbie games by simply starting a good routine and diet.

  1. Yes absolutely. Eat above maintenance to gain weight. If you’ve never lifted heavily try a 5x5 program with your new diet.
  2. I like too. I love dbol… it just makes me feel amazing. I usually wait about 2 weeks to start so I am running it in the middle but @iron_yuppie has made strong points for running the oral at the end
  3. Pin 2x weekly
  4. Yes if you havn’t run it before
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Makes sense, and wouldn’t pretend to be at that point now.

Being completely honest with you the idea (rightly or wrongly) came to mind as have decided I am going to put my energy into this now, and the lure of seeing quick results seemed attractive (quicker than diet only)

First off, welcome to the forum. I’m going to take some time to walk through all this and hopefully give you some useful advice. But be warned, you already got the right answer from @studhammer. You are miles away from steroids at this point. But I will lay out a general map for you and perhaps others will add their thoughts as well.

So first off, if you’re eating 1,500 calories a day and you still have a gut and love handles then there’s a serious issue with your whole setup. You need at least three months of a consistent diet before you can even assess whether or not it’s working, let alone add drugs to the mix. So you need to be able to get your bf down to a good number before you look at steroids.

The next thing is your training. Again, a gut and love handles while in a low calorie state means your training isn’t any good either. You should have some decent muscle tone just by accident if you lift regularly.

The road map is as follows:
-three months of a proper diet to cut down on bf
-one month maintaining that new weight/bf state
-three months of slowly adding back quality calories combined with continued heavy training to add muscle
Agh this point you should be able to see noticeable, measurable results. From there you start tinkering again with diet and training. Maybe by the end of 12 months you have a decent foundation from which to build further. If you can be consistent and really learn what you’re doing then you can start to plan out a cycle. But what needs to be done takes time. You’re 18-24 months away from being ready, and that’s assuming you do everything right and that you learn quickly from both mistakes and successes.

Or take drugs now, use the shortcut, and hope you don’t hurt yourself.

Which do you think sounds like the smarter, safer way?

Really useful thanks.

I did 5x5 for a few months a couple of years back and is something I can do from home too!

You should look into German Volume Training (GVT). It’s great to add slabs of meat onto your frame.

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Really useful and informed, thank you iron_yuppie. Option 1 for sure.

1.5k was average with other days where I’ve smoked and had munchies increasing this however much (never put a number on it). Either way, the validity of your advice doesn’t change at all - thank you.

Well done for at least doing a little research before jumping into a cycle. If I were you I’d take that time your spending reading about cycle options etc and put it into researching training plans and learning about nutrition. Hop over to the relevant sections on this forum for some info and look elsewhere too. Find a training plan you like and stick with it. You will be amazed at your progress as a natural if you get put the time and effort in. Appreciate you want things to happen fast but gear is not the answer for you in your current situation. Best of luck

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Thank you, I’ll take that advice and look deeper into those articles/posts.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for taking the risk by posting and asking questions. My opinion is in alignment with the other members here. I don’t believe you’ve reached the “right time” to start taking PEDs. The big 3 variables: diet, training, and recovery; must be in place first and it sounds like you are just starting out. The good news is that if you get these 3 down pat, you will experience results that would far exceed what the drugs would do on their own. So please don’t feel like you are missing out. I saw that some of the other members referred you to some articles/links, and I think reading and researching is a great place to start.

My little piece of advice is to learn to master “consistency.” Become an expert in repetition and in following through on a plan. Start with small stuff, like “wake up at 6:00AM daily” then do that every day for a week, then 2 weeks, then a month, then 6 months, etc. When you are able to achieve that level of consistency for whatever small task you put your mind to, then you will be able to achieve control over your body composition. You’ll be able to follow a diet plan day in and day out and make adjustments to it, you’ll have the strength of will to follow and modify a weight training or cardio program, etc. Mastering consistency is, in my opinion, the single most fundamental skill that a physique athlete must possess. You can do it, Luke.


Awesome, thank you for the great advice. Really hit home.

Really glad I took the time to ask before going ahead and starting.

Unsure if you’re familiar with this video or not, but the sentiment echoes the great point you made so thought I’d share - my metaphorical bed has been messy! (Only 1m30sec and worth a watch)


Consistency is massive for sure. I wasted a long time as a beginner searching for the perfect program which resulting in hopping back and forth between programs and seeing limited results.


GVT looks great for what I’m looking to accomplish, have been reading up for last few hours. Thanks again :+1:

Hey guys. I wanted to check back in here to followup. When I wrote this post it was off the back of catching myself in the mirror on vacation and thinking to myself
“how the f**k did you let yourself get to this!” - I was after a quick fix.

I’m still at it (well trying) and feeling much better and now understand its a marathon not a sprint. Most importantly I’m now enjoying the marathon!

@pwrlftr1990 @studhammer @iron_yuppie and @gear_and_taxes, thanks for telling me what I needed to hear.

I’m actually only 5 pounds heavier now than when I posed this originally and being honest have been really inconsistent with my calories and protein consumption - lack of appetite is the excuse I’ve been telling myself but I know this needs to change should I want to make more substantial changes.

Anyways, thanks guys. Posted a pic to show progress, I know on this forum my physique won’t be impressive to you guys but I’m happy and wanted to share with you as while I’m sure you’ve long forgotten about our interactions they did have a big impact on my journey (which id still say I’m at the start of!) and I’m grateful :pray: !

P.s any advice for arms you have would be great… :rofl::rofl::rofl:



OUTSTANDING!! Those are significant gains/changes. Way to go brother.


That’s an incredible transformation, gear or no gear. What most people fail to understand is that consistency with diet, training and recovery are far more important than running gear when it comes to long term results, as you mentioned in your post about the “marathon”, which it’s now obvious that you get it.

I’ve seen guys runs tons of gear that look worse after a whole year, so I am always thrilled to see this type of stuff

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Thanks man! And for sure, I’ve still got so much to improve on as I know I’m no where near enough consistent with diet and sleep so on. Work in progress though.

One thing I’ve managed to do though is keep training. I got a rack and bench for my garage which made a big difference and now when I train its therapeutic almost… me time! (If that makes sense).

I’m going to really try and fix the above things this year and see how I get on :slight_smile: