1st Test Cyp Cycle

Thinking about starting my 1st cycle of test cyp but I’m a bit scared to do long term damage. Have done a lot of research and I think I have a decent program lined up.
Pin 200mg test cyp every 3.5 days for 10 wks.
Run .25 of adex eod for 12wks.
2wks after last pin start pct with Nolva 40/20/20/20/10
And Clomid 50 ed.
Btw im 41. 5’10. 185. About 20% bf. Scrawny hardgainer since birth. This is the biggest I’ve ever been and would like to add about 15lbs of muscle. I have no illusions of being a massive bodybuilder, would just like to add some size and strength. I have read multiple posts on multiple forums. Any opinions or suggestions with my cycle are greatly appreciated.

Dosing looks good, nice to see guys using a normal dose on their first rather than jumping in the deep end with no experience. Every 3.5 days - does that mean you’re going to inject every 84 hours, regardless of what time that falls? Messing with ya a little, just never seen someone say ‘every 3.5 days’. I’ve used an every 3 days schedule on my TRT, I’ve found it’s easier to just do twice a week (Mon-Thur in my case) with doses adjusted to meet my mg/week goal. Both work, it’s just easier to do the same two days every week rather than keeping track of a rotating schedule.

As for adex, pay attention to how you feel on it - a lot of guys don’t use AIs during cycle(and get flamed for it), but if they aren’t having issues then who cares. Physiolojik has a cycle log going on here, he uses a SERM on cycle rather than AI.

As for PCT, there are a couple threads on here about proper dosing. KSMan did a great write up (I think it’s stickied). Basically, a lot of guys say to use both clomid and nolva together, but there’s plenty of evidence that you only need one or the other and taking both is redundant at best. I’ve only ever taken nolva (on cycles before I started TRT) and recovered with no issues.

At 41, I would suggest you get a good baseline blood panel done to see where you are. It’s possible that you are on the low end of the desired range. Maybe TRT is really what you need.

Check out the TRT forum. Tons of info on necessary blood tests

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I am a big fan of running a high E2. Lots of pluses like joint health something you really need when you start pushing the heavy weights around. Only start taking your AI when you start noticing you are more sensitive than normal. Believe me you will know when your E2 gets high.
Then don’t over do it. That is a big mistake many have done and they end up crashing there E2 from OD on the AI. Anastrozole is very powerful you will feel it working within hours. If your high E2 symptoms go away in 4 to 8hours don’t take another AI until you get weepy again. I find this works way better than a shot in the dark schedule dose. Don’t forget to do blood work while you are cycling discountedlabs has TT/FT on sale for 30 buck and if you can’t afford that you should not be cycling in the first place.

Hope this helps. standard disclaimer I’m no doctor opinions are like assholes everyone got one an some stink more than others. Enjoy your cycle I look forward to reading about your journey please keep us updated.

I would not run the arimidex in lieu of aromasin.

I would not run the AI until you need it. YOu may not on such a low dose of test.

Did you decide to do this cycle?

And just curious since I’m a newbie, where do people get their Test with out a prescription?

Talking about where we acquire AAS without a prescription is source talking, a direct violation of the rules here.

Go look up “operation gear grinder.” It was boards like this that guys openly talked about sources that led to all those sites being busted.

This place is dedicated to intelligent responsible usage of AAS. Almost every last one of us will discourage AAS usage at too young of an age. We also discourage improper motivation and unhealthy practices.

If you are looking to start trouble by asking for sources please move on. If you are asking because you need a source then this is the worng board to ask in. Go search because it isn’t that hard to find. Keep searching and you should be able to find enough information to feel some what at ease if you decide to order.

Relax dude. I apologize. I didn’t realize it got boards shut down and such. Wasn’t trying to get anyone in trouble. I’m new to all of this and simply was curious how people do it. Being new I don’t know what I can and can’t ask either. Not everyone on Internet forums with questions have nefarious intentions. I’ll quietly leave this thread.

I’m still researching trying to get enough information. I have not started yet. Probably will start within the next few weeks. Will post with updates.

Go search, they have forums like this with approved suppliers. Be aware usually the board gets kick backs for recommending their site. They also have places to review sites. My personal rule is if it is all good reviews they are fake. People usually only take time to bitch. If they complain about timing to send out the order then usually they are new to this. Those guys operating the sites from other countries have to get the package through their end usually with their guys so they have to wait until their guy is working at the counter, ect. So if a site has reviews saying “hey I got my stuff but that thing about sending it out in two days is bullshit” then chances are that site is actually sending out the package. Also look for long term operation, they get run out of business if they are ripping people off. Other than that just use common sense. No operator accepts credit cards. If you email them then they keep emailing you trying to get you to order, red flag! Shit go search “how to order online” there are plenty of tips out there.

Otherwise it is ultimately up to you to risk it.