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1st Test Cycle

I’m likely to start my first steroid cycle soon. I wanted something pretty simple with solid results. This is what I’ve come up with:
10 week cycle
Testosterone Enanthate: 500mg/week for 10 weeks. (Could also substitute Cypionate in, depending on source, but since both are fairly similar, long acting esters, whatever is available is fine with me)
Nolvadex: 20mg/day (as needed, until side effects subside)
Post Cycle Therapy: HCG injections (2000IU) start in week 10, after last shot of testosterone. 2000 IU every 5-6 days for 3 additional weeks should be enough to jump start my natural testosterone cycle.
Nolvadex PCT: Two weeks after the last shot of Test, start 40mg/day of nolvadex for two weeks, then cut the dosage down to 20mg/day for the last two weeks. I plan on cutting out the HCG about 2 weeks or so before the Nolvadex is cut, just to make sure that HCG doesn’t suppress my natural test levels itself.
Any advice or criticism is welcome. Thanks.

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I would say if at all possible find something to stack your test, just adding one more drug will have a huge effect on your cycle. But for what you have stated here we go…

As far as bushboy(not a cut) he is right about the HCG in regards to it will be helpful during your cycle to minimize shut down. Start weekend injections after your 3 week ON. The clomid on the other hand is unessary since you have nolva but, you should to up your dose a little for the first week to 80mg ed.
Also ferma or letro would help out greatly during your cycle, this will make it easier to rebound after you come off and will keep estrogen sides at bay during your cyle.
Good luck

You’re using way too much HCG imo. There are differing opinions on how to use it, but use during cycle gets the most credence. Using HCG post cycle can actually prolong recovery. Anyway, I’ve heard people having good success using HCG at 250-500iu per week, injected once a week, starting in the 3rd week of the cycle and continuing until the begining of PCT. Start with 250iu/week, and increase use as need be to maintain testicular volume. Overusing HCG is not helpful to your system.

Ah, ya I have heard many differing opinions on HCG use. If I start the HCG use after the third week of injections, you think I should quit HCG by the end of the last injection and then let the Nolvadex become my only PCT drugfor an additional 3-4 weeks? Clarify if you can, the HCG use seems the most complicated to me. Also, to answer the question posted previously by darkangel, I don’t think I need to stack Test with anything, although I suppose I could initially stack it with some fast acting oral. I’m not too worried about the main side effects of Testosterone (gyno covered, never prone to acne, nearly all of the older people in my family have a full head of hair) and therefore I don’t think I need to make the cycle more mild. Test should get the job done. That said, what kind of results do you think I could expect?
Thanks again for your input.

The HCG protocol i suggested should work well for you. Starting on the third weekend of your cycle (its called the weekend protocol) you could inject 250iu of hcg. Continue this every weekend, increasing doseage as need be, but discontinue HCG once you’ve stopped injecting test.

Nolva will be fine as your recovery drug. Start use as you’ve outlined, 40mg/day once the test has cleared your system. 10-14 days should be sufficient being that you are using enathate. Continue PCT for 4 weeks or more if needed.

If you wanted, you could add some dbol to this cycle. Dbol and test is a good mass stack, and both drugs are easy to come by. Test by itself isnt a bad choice for a first cycle however.

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wanna lend some advice to a newbie?? I guess i’d say i’m an intermediate lifter. I usually just stick to protein drinks & your basic supplements but this summer i’d like to turn some heads. Someone recommended trying out products in the Andro family. Supposedly they mimic the “real thing” but I’m not ready to take that big of a step just yet. Any feedback on this is welcomed. I’m sure someone out there can remeber what it was like starting out your muscle building careers. Thanks !

I pm’d you justin, just one more question probably not worth mentioning on actual board. Thanks dude.

well the reseason I say an aromitas inhibitor like ferma or letro would be better than nolva during cycle is that Nolva will hinder his gains a little while ferma would not.

Also nolvadex is just as good after cycle if not better than clomid. Clomid you would have to use 200-300mg ed for to start with where as nolva you would need under 100mg.

But just my opions from what I have heard and read.

The research i’ve seen suggests that nolvadex is actually the preferred recovery drug. It has a stronger affinity for the estrogen receptor than does clomid, and fewer pms-like side effects too. Some people actually use both, but i have never tried this.

However, i’ve also read that any aromatase inhibitor can hinder gains a little bit while on cycle. However, whichever drug you chose, sacrificing a little bit (if any) in terms of gains is certainly better than sporting a set of b-cups.

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I still don’t know why there is a debate between Clomid and Nolvadex use. PCT should include BOTH. Period. Some people will make the “excuse” that one product is all you need to halt the side effects of high estrogen levels at the end of a cycle, or, to get the HPT axis back to normal. In my opinion, this is all bullshit.

Some people will choose just one product because they are either cheap or are being careless. Why not use both? Neither calls for more injections, and neither are expensive (hell, why not spend the extra few bucks considering the amount one has spent on his/her cycle anyway). I find NO other reason why one should be choosen over the other.

As for HCG use, inject 250 IUs every week once you hit your 3rd week into your cycle. This will be alot easier in respect to helping with your PCT. HCG is tricky to play with, so using massive amounts at the conclusion of a cycle may be a little more difficult to calculate when trying to recover. Good luck.