1st Test Cycle PCT

Okay my knowledge of steroids is very limited. I have been on my first cycle of test : 500mg per week for 4 weeks. (I do 1ml on a Tuesday and 1ml on a Friday)

My testicles have shrunk rapidly to the size of grapes, however my libido is still very high and I am continuing to make my massive strength and size gains.

I was advised by the a guy in the gym that I should continue this cycle for 12 weeks and then I can come off it without the need for a PCT.

However gathering by what I am reading this is not correct. Could someone please advise that I am doing this correctly and how my PCT should look?

I have also read that HCG can help with the testicular atrophy. I am willing to take this to help bring my nuts back to their former glory!

Many thanks!!

Pct is nolva 40/40/20/20 40mg per day first 2 weeks 20day next two weeks.

In the future please be more deligent in your own research when using steroids. These are things a responsible adult do before injecting themselves with drugs. You should also have pct drugs before the cycle starts.

Also stop listening to your friend.

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It was a very bad move, thankyou for the advice.

Should I start the Nova after 12 weeks or can I do it sooner. I really dont want to loose any more testicle size/ how long will it take for them to return to the normal size?

Bro your nuts will come back after pct . Just finish the cycle if the results are good wait 2 weeks then start the nolva

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The shrinkage is temporary, nothing to worry about unless your chick is odd and loves large droopy balls. Nolva will be plenty, don’t start it any earlier than 2 weeks after your last injection.

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Thanks very much for the advice!!