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1st Test Cycle. Give Me the Light


22 years old
5'9 80kg
15% BF approx.

Deadlift 160kg x 5
Squat 130kg x 5
Bench 90kg x 5
Press 70kg x 5

Typical Diet
Eating every three hours & plenty of water
morning- porrige, fruit, 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites and a protein shake
Snack- nuts, milk, fruit
Post workout
Whey with 6 eggs, followed by roasted potatoe with whole chicken or 1 kilo beef/lamb
Evening- Nuts, milk, tuna.
Before Bed- Casein protein

The Cycle
testoviron depot, 2 injections of 250mg a week Mon and Thu for 12 weeks.
Front load - dianabol at 30mg a day for 4 weeks.

PCT (2 weeks after last pin)
Clomid 150, 100, 50, 50
Nolvadex 20, 20, 20, 20

Other Supplements
L Glutamine
Multi vit
Vitamin C at 2g during cycle
Casein overnight
Fish Oil

I hate to say I am a ectomorph, I can get my middle finger above my thumb when measuring my wrist.
Anyways I have been training since 15 on and off, gained some muscle here and there (bloody genetics).
But I been training hard and consistent for over three years now. Did the Stronglifts Program for 16 weeks, (very good program) had some good strength gains. Switched to Wendler Program as weight increase slowed down to months rather than weeks.

Where I live people take steroids before they smoke lol can get any steroid without a problem, so no problem with sources. Hence I am ready according to many but...

Thats why am here...to ask you bros. I am open to criticism. Its simple, if I get the go ahead then oo yee baby here I come. If not then please tell me whats wrong and I will understand, respect and listen :slightly_smiling:

P.S I am happy to hold water and prefer not to use HCG for first ever cycle. Gyno wont be a concern, however I am going to add proscar to prevent hairloss and use Nizoral 2% shampoo.

Thanks in advance bros


Everything looks good except for the diet. You need to eat more. I would try and get 1.5-2 grams of protein per lb of body weight per day. I am an ectomorph too and I need extra protein and calories to really max out my growth while on. Here is an example of my diet while on:
3 whole eggs/ 3 egg whites/ 1 piece of fruit/ 1 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon
50grams of protein in a shake
2 chicken breasts/ 1 large sweet potato/ 1 half cup of collard greens
Mid afternoon:
Grilled Chicken salad (8oz) with basalmic vinegar and olive oil as dressing
Post Workout:
50 grams protein in a shake
2 turkey burgers on whole grain bread

This diet worked wonders for me when i was on my last 12 week cycle as I was about your size when I started mine.


Thanks for your advice mate, that is my present diet definetley gona eat more on cycle. if you dont mind me asking; how much you lifting on your compound movements and at what weight, cycle experience..


Before considering gear, learn and try to do these things consistently:

  • Optimal and Consistent Diet
  • Heavy and Consistent Training
  • Proper Recovery

Starting a cycle without one of these three aspects I listed means your wasted your money, the cycle won't be optimal, you won't get the most out of it and keep in mind gear doesn't make you grow by itself.

Your diet isn't looking optimal by any means and I'd say you need to get your weight up and your lifts up naturally before considering any cycle. You need more whole foods and to depend less on supplements in that diet too.

Also dose is too high for your first cycle, and you don't need dbol to frontload nor should you frontload.
Creatine and ZMA have no place in PCT nor does any other supplement. Tribulus also won't do much. And you need an AI.