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1st Test Cycle, Adex Included


Hi, I'm into my second week of my first steroid cycle(day 11).600mg of Test blend Androx 1/wk,started with 0.25mg of Adex EOD for an AI. Week one was really sweet a general sense of well being, relaxation, and happiness.
Day 8 the left nipple gets pretty itchy, so I had an extra 0.25mg of Adex that day. I went to 0.25/day, but day 9 my right nipple started to get itchy. Day 10 itchiness decreased, none in the right nipple a little in the left. Day eleven same again but with even less itchiness(virtually none).

I'd really like to nip this in the bud(pun intended).What I'd like are your opinions on whether I should up the Adex to 0.5mg a day or do I just need to wait a bit longer for my current dose to build up in my system?

I also have nolva and leterozole on hand.


i would keep it where it's at for the time being if it's working. A-dex typically takes a week to build up to stable blood levels, and that's with daily dosing vs EOD dosing.

obviously adjust the dose as needed, down the road..


Thanks very much. First time at this so I'm a bit nervous.


Keep us posted! I am about to start roughly the same cycle you are. Knowledge is power!


I've been doing 0.25mg/day until today. No itchiness or tenderness,or lumps just the occasional extra sensitivity when something rubs up against the nips unexpectantly, like when lifting something with a bear hug.
I just upped the dose to .5mg per day, and will see how they feel after a week and decide whether it is okay or I can go back to .25/day. I figure better to be safe than sorry.