1st T-Nation Post

Hey Guys,

I have been a member here since about September 2005 and have explored this site mostly sticking to articles and discussions surrounding nutrition, steroid use and exercise. I have come to enjoy and take advantage of Dr. John Berrardi?s knowledge on nutrition, as well as Dr. Lonnie Lowery?s.

I also have had the chance to be trained by an individual whose trainer is Christian Thibideau.

A little bit about my self:
I currently attend a University in Canada and am obtaining my BSc. in Psychology. I have always been an active individual and have played competitive sports consisting of hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and almost any other sport. I began lifting seriously March of 2003.

I started out with one notion in mind; decrease my stress which was school related. Well, shortly after I found out another way to decrease my stress?study. When I choose an activity, I choose one which I have potential for growth and success, and it also must be quite challenging.

The first year of my training reflected my knowledge about exercise and nutrition. I ate too much carbs and not enough protein. I gained just over 20lbs my first year and sat around 170. The size was coming, the definition was lacking, and my strength had increased.

Since then, my weight-training/bodybuilding has now turned into an addictive habit. Within the last two years I have really focused my energy towards excelling in the gym. I have taken courses offered by the university on Fitness Theory and Strength Training. I also have a strong science background.

Well anyhow, I am on my second cycle. My first cycle, Februrary 2006, was 5 weeks and consisted of Test Prop, Winstrol and Dianabol. I started the cycle at 170, I am 5?5, and finished at 182.5 at approximately 14% body fat. I went into a maintenance of gains training block for 4 weeks, following that I ended up at 172.

This summer I decided to completely alter my diet using some tips from Thibideau on carb cycling, as well as Berrardi and others. I got down to a lean 148 @ 8.9% body fat. I changed my diet drastically from what it was before, eating protein and fat & protein and carbohydrate meals.

I started at around 3000 calories and have been working up since there. I created a file on my excel program which contains a list of my meals from breakfast to bedtime. I eat the same food day in and day out. It may seem boring and unmanageable to most, but this I feel may be the only way to have controls in my diet and see how adjustments I make to it affect my body composition.

Back to my second cycle.

Weeks 1 and 2 250mg Test E E3D
Weeks 3 ? 8 250mg Test E E3D
200 mg Masteron E E3D
50mg Winstrol ED
Waiting Period
Weeks 9 ? 12 50mg Test E E3D
50mg Mast E E3D
Test Taper
Weeks 13 ? 18 Test and Mast E

I will be concurrently using letrozole during my cycle start at .65mg EOD
I may have switch to arimidex because letro kills my sex drive. I am currently using 1/10th mL or .25mg EOD. I also believe I started the letro use too early, thus the decrease in libido.

I have almost completed the first two weeks of my cycle. I start my third week this Friday. I am currently sitting at 152.5(from 148) and just over 9% body fat. My carbs and fats have been steadily increasing and on workout days I eat approximately 3800 calories.

I will continue to bump up my morning and post-workout carbs, and add more fats and protein as I increase my workout volume and up the juice. I am using a variation of Thibideau?s HSS-1OO program. I have also created my workout regimen one excel and my daily dosage requirements.

This has been an introduction, of some sort, to I. It is nice to finally post here on T-Nation and I look forward to hearing any of your comments, questions or concerns. I enjoy your guys? information and input in the steroid forum. Thanks for your time everyone.

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Thanks for the response Bushy. I am glad too see your responce. Personally, you are one of the frequent responders whose opinion I highly respect.

I may post bi-weekly details of my cycle on a new post for those who may be interested in reading. I will also be going for a blood test five weeks into the cycle to keep track of my lipid levels and enzyme count. I previously had blood work done during the summer; 2 months after my first cycle. All of my values were in normal range and I was excited to find that my natural test was 815ng/dL.

Hey Pitbull, good to see you made a step and posted!! Shame I cant say something about putting on a flame retardent suite or something… See you in the Gym!