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1st sust cycle

I am on week four of a cycle of sust. I have been doing two injections a week both at 250mg each. A week ago I did an injection in my quad and when I put the needle in it hurt more than usual. When I was injecting, the sust didn’t go in as easy as usual. Now about 7 days later there is no pain but there is still a knot on my leg. Is this normal? How long can a knot last? It hasn’t gotten any bigger but it’s not getting smaller either. It doesn’t itch and there is no redness. Any advice would be great. Thanks

There are a few possibilities in your extremely common situation. A couple months ago my friend was using a 1-inch needle for a SOS injection in his butt cheek (not very smart). The needle didn’t penetrate the muscle and the SOS was deposited in his fat cells creating a rather large knot that looked somewhat like a swollen bee sting but it didn’t go away for a couple of weeks. Now the other possibility is that there was some sort of bacteria on your skin or that something you were using wasn’t sterile in this case your might have an infection, but infections usually hurt. If I were you I would go talk to a doctor and explain your situation to him, he might give you some catabolic medication but it’s better to be safe than sorry. A big misconception is that your doctor can have you arrested because you use juice or that they will prevent you from ever doing it again. The truth is that most doctors are just concerned with your well being and they will even prescribe you Clomid if they feel it will benefit you. Back to the 1-inch needle, if you use 1-inch needles you could be wasting your AS. Use at the very minimum a 1¼ inch unless it is going into your deltoid then a 1-inch is usually OK. Also make sure you are using good technique.

Good luck I’m hoping you’ve learned what KNOT to do.