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1st Strongman Contest This Saturday

Nice job! Thanks for sharing.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Cool pictures.

Now only if they were right side up so I didn’t feel like a doofus with my head sideways to look at them…[/quote]

Haha, agreed. Windows picture viewer has a built in 90 degrees rotation feature :slight_smile:

Good job on the contest though, looks like fun. Too bad they put in the RT for the put, it would have been a good learning experience.


[quote]Bootsie wrote:
some awesome stuff man. Looks like you cleaned house. congrats! just curious though man, how does the tire deadlift differ from regular dl. whats ur pr with regular dl i guess i want to know? also was the rolling thunder with both hands or just ur dominant one? congrats again man![/quote]

Tire dead was similar to a rack pull. I had done 650 on a 2.5" axle the week before (with straps) off the rack to simulate it. They felt about the same though.

The rolling thunder was whichever hand you chose. One of the guys over 300lbs pulled 220!

Sorry about the rotation of the pics. I was under the impression now that T-Nation resized them, they also rotated them :slight_smile: The others coming are better anyways.