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1st steroid cycle

Hello all,

This is my first ever post. I have been reading T-mag for about 2 years now. I have read all of the articles related to steroids and I am going to use the 3 weeks on approach with a 4th week to taper off. I will be using a mild cycle of 200 mg’s of Deca/week and d-bol starting at 12.5 mg for the 1st week and going to 25 mg the second week and on tapering down to 12.5 for the 4th week. I will be taking Milk Thistle and other liver protectants. After reading the article “steroids for health” I got the impression that a cycle of such short duration does not have any side-effects. Should I be taking any anti-estrogen’s and clomid and the other usual things when going on a longer cycle ? I may be paranoid, but this being my first cycle ever, and taking into consideration the length of the cycle, should I be concerned about side-effects ? Last question I have, is regarding steroids and heart health. Not a single article I have read addresses cardiac muscle growth. Does the heart, which is a muscle, also grow when doing a cycle ? If so, would a 4 week cycle put me at risk or is it too short ?

Thanks guys

say you have been reading for 2 years?surely you should know that deca isnt a popular choice here.although it does have its merits.you are not including test?test usually is the base of the cycle.tapering in the way you said seems it will not be very effective.you need to go back and search some cycles posted ,there has been a few good ones also check out what the vets have posted on their cycle.the bottom line is you need to wait and research more!compose an effective cycle that uses a few different chemicals that would be synergistic and add test.then post your cycle and ask for opinions.

Would this work? Yes.
Would it work well? No.
Would the risks/production shutdown be worth the results? Absolutely not.

It seems to me that you’re extremely scared of the cycle in the first place. You should definitely read up more. There are other sites. While the users here are extremely knowledgable, there are more and other info/opinions out there. PM me.

While your dosage isn’t really that high (12.5 X 7 = 87.5mg weekly) and I don’t think you’d see any tremendous sides from a 3 week cycle, the money and the time you’ll spend worrying probably aren’t going to be worth it.

I suggest you read some of my posts on the use of nandrolone deconate. It is not a good choice of drug for short cycles! As far as heart health, do a search on T-mag for the article: “T and your Ticker” There hasn’t been any direct evidence that steroids increase the size of your heart. GH is a different story. What increases the size of your heart is weight lifting in general irregardless of weather you take steroids or not. P-22