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1st Shot Was Awesome, Since Then Not So Much


Just a thread to ask if other guys have had the same experiences I've had on TRT so far...

My 1st shot (200MG in the hip) after finding out I was deficient in T kicked in within 8 hours and gave me the Libido of a 16 year old boy. I hadn't gotten a spontaneous hard on from just looking at a woman since my teens, and all of the sudden this was happening again at 34... A dream come true! This cotinued for about 10 days.

Since then, I was never able to reproduce the feeling I had during that first 10 days.

I'm currently working with my Endo to alter my treatment and delivery in order to try to feel better, but I'm just curious if other guys went through this same experience?

I'm wondering if this experience is indicative of anything in particular? (i.e. a specific condition, or problem?) -- Or is this just how EVERYBODY here felt when they got their 1st T shot?

It reminds me a lot of when Heroine addicts talk about "Chasing the dragon..." they all say they are never able to get that high like the 1st time they tried it, and they spend their lives trying to get it back with more, more, more!


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There are transient effects. So what you describe is sort of expected.

What is your protocol? Self injecting?


Nah, remember I was the guy who was on 200mg bi-weekly, then I went to 300mg bi-weekly... But I quit that because my E2 went through the roof... and then I went off T for 30 days while waiting for insurance to approve my Endo's patch prescription and that did zero for me, so I'm trying Androgel now. I'm on day 7 of Androgel I think, and starting to feel a little bit of a boost but nowhere near that 1st rush. I get blood tests again in about 3 weeks to see if my E2 is holding steadier on the gel vs the shots, and how my levels are in general. Also geting my cort tested @ that time.

I'm just curious if everybody felt that way their 1st time trying T, or if it's just me. It's like the Holy Grail getting back to that point of QOL now! You start wondering if your mind is playing tricks on you, and if it was really that good or not!?!


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not sure if you have read any of the stickies, or the recommendations, but most people experience a hormone rollcoaster when they are on biweekly shots. that is why almost everyone here recommends EOD or E3D shots. More frequent shots gives you more control over your levels, makes it easier to control aromatase, doesn't leave you feeling great then terrible then great then terrible, etc.

you are spiking your levels way too high, your system reacts by converting more to Estradiol and DHT and can cause problems with cortisol which then in turn can problems with your thyroid. then towards then end of the two weeks your system is crashing with testosterone levels that are far below your optimal level.

this is from my own personal experience as well. I was on biweekly and in hell for those few weeks, then switched to weekly with almost the exact same result.


I've read the stickies, and I believe you... Which is why I went off of T for a month completely while waiting for my insurance.... I figured that when I started the Androgel, I would get that RUSH again because my system had completely returned to "normal", but it didn't happen. I feel something, but not much. It's early though, I know some guys here say they have to be on Androgel for a month before they see results.

Hard to believe though when that 1st shot was pure heaven and lasted for 10 solid days of bliss!

Anyway, this thread is just to see if any other guys had the same experience. I have a seperate thread where I talk about my specific situation and regimens I am experimenting with, etc

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some also (like me) have great initial results with Androgel, Androderm, etc, but then stop absorbing any transdermal medications which may be due to being hypothyroid (or my personal theory about non-absorption possibly being tied to Aldosterone issues).



When I found out I was LOW-T, I thought that I'd be able to meet a bunch of guys who are going through the EXACT same scenario I was going through.

Something I'm learning from this experience is that it seems like EVERYBODY's situation is completely different. I've only met 1 or 2 guys here in this group that have similar experiences to my own. It's really weird, and somewhat discouraging...

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hmmm, from what you said originally you are experiencing exactly what other people have been through and you are just like 90% of the people here.

most feel great with the first biweekly shot
most feel terrible during the second week
most never get back to the high of the first shot (due to evasive aromatase, too high estrogen, and stresses placed on other systems)
most struggle for months or years trying to find a doctor to work with them
most are told to just suck it up or go on anti-depressants.


I felt the effects of my first shot about 2 days after getting it. The positive change to my mindset, energy levels, and sex drive lasted 3-4 days. Shots didn't help much after that.


if you're not checking and balancing all of your systems that need it (testosterone, estradiol, thyroid, cortisol, D25OH, ferritin, etc.) and you are doing weekly shots subjecting your body to the hormone rollcoaster then that is exactly what should be happening.


Most people try to chase the first time feeling but it's rarely the same. My experience with 3 years on TRT has been one of mitigation. You don't realize how much it works until you stop taking it.

After my first shot, I felt like I could take on the world (probably half psychosomatic and half actual T)- after that, I just felt like I feel. If I get delayed in pinning then I can start feeling the old pre-TRT feelings coming back. That's how I know it's working. It's not a constant high - it's mitigating the bad and helping me feel normal. Stop taking it for a couple of weeks and you will remember what it was like before you started.


very good point Jax. some people get caught up in trying to chase that initial high.