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1st Serious Bulking Cycle

Hello guys
I am up for a serious bulking cycle and I would love your opinions about my planning!
This is going to be my 2nd cycle (my 1st one didn’t go so well)
So I am 35 years old, 74kgs 1.75cm height with regular 5 days training per week and diet on spot for the last 6 years
I am a kind of ectomorph with small limbs and finding very difficult to gain some muscle mass…Even though I am eating around 3500-4000 calories per day I can hardly gain 1 kilo a month and I am afraid most of it will go as fat…
My target is to get at least 10-15 kilos with this cycle

So I am planning to do a 16 week cycle with the following components:

Weeks 1-16: GHRP-6 200mcg ED
Weeks 1-6: Dianabol @50mg ED
Weeks 1-5: Test Sustanon 750mg/w
Weeks 1-4: Deca NPP 500mg/w
Weeks 2-16: Proviron 50mg/ed
Weeks 5-8: Test Cypionate 750mg/w
Weeks 5-16: Boldenone 600mg/w
Weeks 8-16: Test Enanthate 750mg/w
Weeks 3-8: HCG 250iu twice per week
Weeks 11-16: HCG 250iu twice per week
Weeks 1-16: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
Weeks 1-4: Dostinex 0.5mg/w

Weeks 18-21: 25mg Clomid ED / 10mg Nolva ED

As you can see my plan is to add quick esters at the beginning plus oral for kick start and then change to slower ones
I am also thinking to add some Tren at the end of the cycle (week 12-16) and remove boldenone but have not decided yet

My diet will be like this inside the cycle:

meal 1: 320ml pasteurized egg whites, 150ml Coconut or Almond milk, 100gr Oats, 1 banana, 30gr honey, 30gr Peanut butter or Tahini
meal 2: 150gr Weight Gainer (100gr carbs 30 gr protein 8gr fat) + 1 apple
meal 3: 350gr spaggheti(cooked) 200gr Ground beef
meal 4(post workout): 50gr Dextrose + 1 banana + 40gr Whey Protein + BCAA + 5gr Creatine
meal 5: 350gr spaggheti(cooked) 200gr Ground beef
meal 6: 350gr spaggheti(cooked) 200gr Ground beef

Supplements will be: Krill oil, Multivitamins, Life support, Vitamin C 1000mg , Colostrum, Liv52

So what do you think?

This is your second cycle? The list of compounds you’re not using is shorter than what you are planning. Plus tren? Please tell me you’re kidding…

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Lol. 500mg of Test C for 8-12 weeks, an AI if needed, eat and lift like a motherfucker.

End of discussion.


There is too much wrong with this to even list out everything wrong. A few things though. Way to many compounds, way too much dosage, way to complicated (you don’t need three types of test), running EQ for 11 weeks, running Deca for 4 weeks, PCT is wacky.

Read though cycle logs and come back with a new plan. Your plan should be much simpler than this.

I believe your first cycle did not go well, if this is your proposal for a second.

My summer cycle from which I was expecting more it was:

Week 1-16 Test E 750mg/w
Week 1-16 Tren Acetate 300mg/w
Week 4-16 Masteron 300mg/w
Week 1-4 Anadrol 50mg/ed
Week 5-16 Winstrol 50mg/ed

Didn’t gain much from those compounds I only cut some fat but that’s it…Nothing crazy with tren and anadrol in comparison to what I read on the net…Maybe they were underdosed?

I have read other posts with very few compounds suggesting low doses but it seems this is not the case…As you can see even in my summer cycle I was putting high doses with few results
Now I want a big bulking cycle to gain as much as possible…

Man, if you didnt gain much from that either you did nearly everything wrong or your gear was bunk. Possibly both.

Not trying to be a jerk, just that’s was I would refer to as “a metric fukton” of gear.

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Only Test E was pharma grade…All the other ingredients were from underground labs and here in Greece is hard to find some good gear…I can mention the labs but I think is against forum rules

Ok, still, you’re 5’9" and about 165lbs, if you can’t gain on 750mg Pharma grade T for 16 weeks and even if the rest was just water or sugar pills you’re still doing something wrong. You’re’re not a big guy, no offense, you shouldn’t need all that to grow a good amount.

I mean I’m no expert here, and others can correct me if I’m wrong, something doesn’t compute for me.

Maybe I’m missing something.

Edit: mis-read my conversation on your height, updated above, sorry

Well because I am not a big guy and seems that I cannot gain much naturally that’s why I decided to start “cycling”…
I also have stigma of mediterranean anemia which means high RBC but very low MCV and maybe that also plays a role in not gaining much weight easily…

I have to mention also that I lift heavy for my current weight

Dude, if you didn’t gain big time from your first cycle, your second cycle won’t be any better. You’re doing some shit seriously wrong.

You don’t need any of that to grow.

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It’d suck to just waste your money and risk your health for no gains.
I don’t know, maybe you just need to eat more. If you genuinely can’t gain more than a kilo a month on 3500-4000 calories a day, bump up the calories to 4500 to 5000 for a day and see how it goes. Maybe just GOMAD assuming you can drink milk. Force yourself to eat if uou have to.

But the myth above has it right add sleep to the list. You should try for 8-9 hours a day.

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Your diet isn’t very good. I’d guess by your diet, that your training is probably sub par for your body type. That’s just a guess as to part of it though.

Well this is a basic diet plan to meet the calories…Of course it won’t be everyday ground beef, it might be chicken or salmon but spaggheti are the main carbs which are the easiest way to add calories in comparison to rice or potato

Not all calories are created equally, not all carbs have the same affect on your body. I’d be reluctant to recommend eating more calories if you’re just going to add more pasta and beef.

What didn’t go so well on your last cycle? How much did you gain / how much did you maintain?

Some gym rats here eating only rice with chicken every day for the duration of their cycle and it seems they get some solid gains…
From the above cycle I was expecting to gain some kilos which only happend the first month when from 72kg went to 77kg and then until the end of my cycle I went back to 72…Out of cycle I went 71 and now I am 74kg lifting even heavier that when I was on cycle which seems weird
I think I gained 1-2kg of lean muscle and dropped some fat since some veins appeared on the surface of my body…To let you know even at those low kilos I have not any veins popping out not even the main one on the bicep…

Everyone is different in their caloric needs, however whole grains are going to be healthier than nothing but pasta. Again, not all carbs have the same effects on your body.

What’s your body fat percentage? Post up a pic without your face in it. That always helps to give folks an idea of what’s going on.

Your veins showing is partly body fat, and partly genetic. Even at sub 8% BF I do not have a biceps vein. Other guys have it at 15%.

Did you run a proper PCT after cycle? Your experience is exactly what happens with folks who are not ready to jump on gear. Your training and diet not up to par, thus when you come off cycle, your body goes back to its pre cycle form. ADDING MORE GEAR TO YOUR NEXT CYCLE IS NOT THE SOLUTION. The same shit will happen again. Find out what makes your body grow naturally. Gain some size. Then run a cycle if you still feel the need. If you don’t have the proper training and diet for your specific body, it’s very hard to maintain the size after cycle.

Dude, seriously. You either don’t know how to eat, don’t know how to train, or both. Step back from this mad planned cycle and learn the fundamentals of building muscles. If you can’t build muscle naturally, adding steroids isn’t going to do anything for you.

Thats 16 weeks on over a gram of gear, thats huge, way beyond a basic beginner cycle that you see recommended

Even that should give mega results. The fact you didn’t shouldnt be the cue to up the doses and complexity, it should be a signal to sort your shit out in the gym and the kitchen.