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1st Run - Test/Tren Site Pain


I'm running my first cycle of 200 mg Test/100 mg Tren (same syrine) every other day for 8 weeks. I am into my 2nd week, always used my delts for a total of 3ml each time. My research reading basically suggests no more than 1.5 ml in a delt and I'm doing twice that no wonder it hurts like hell. 2nd time in Left delt gave me a serious bump and ROM restriction (almost back to normal now) and good movement again...but the pain was severe, keeps you awake at night, not to mention night sweats. In addition to an aggressive 6x week 90 minute workout schedule, my regular employment requires a lot of physical exercise. I love the results but the pain and muscle restriction is affecting my ability to do my job effectively. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can modify my dosing schedule to get me under 2 ml/s of Test/Tren in the same syringe so I can continue to use my delts?

I'm using 1" 25gauge 3cc syringes and with 3 cc there is not room to aspirate keeping me away from glutes and quads. Ultimately I am thinking of two 8 week cycles twice a year to give me some gains and strength at my advanced age. Still trying to keep up with the pack. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


I can’t help but I am interested in the solution. How do you mix compounds from different bottles?


There IS plenty of room to aspirate with 3cc of oil in a 3cc syringe. The obvious solution is to pin more frequently and add more injection sites.


Yep that’s what I surmised…so how about 100mg Test/50mg Tren ED rotating between L Delt, R Delt, L Glue, R Glute, repeat same site every 4th day. Do you think that would lower the pip? I don’t tense up, shake, always sterile, using UG gear so not sure about BA content.