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1st Post Introduction

This is a kind of introduction/question/whatever…

Yo whats up? I am 20 years old (Turning 21 in early July) and am a pretty average experience lifter (about 7 years) but have hardly ever had time to stick to my shit with a crazy as fuck schedule that Ive always had.

I am 6’2 225 with about a 14% body fat. I have one goal in mind and that is to get big enough to reach 245 lbs, with a BF around 8%. I definatly have the genetics and frame to do this, but there are a few things I feel may be holding me back.

I was a member of another “Healthy Men’s Magazine” fitness site, … and I felt it was time for a switch. I got sick of talking to a bunch of 40 year old pussies. When I first started lifting I was a pretty hardcore motherfucker. I took about a year off of lifting about a year ago due to a torn rotator cuff and labrum, and when I came back, I started reading that mag and using the site for about the last year.

I think I really spiked my estrogen levels… it is just not the kind of people who feel how I feel about lifting, or who have the ideas and theories I do.

Anyway, I just finished school for the summer, and now I can train and eat how I want. Im also about to move to a big University with a fucking huge and more importantly FREE fitness center that kicks ass. Right now I am training in my basement, and have been for about the last year. I have an olympic bar with about 500 lbs weight, a pull up bar, and all kinds of various heavy shit that I fuck around with now and then to try to get stronger and bigger when Im bored.

I dont wanna juice as of now. I would like to reach that size with creatine and protien as my only supps. My diet is pretty in check. I may change my mind about the juice in the distant future… but right now I think I still have some virgin muscle that needs to be brought out.

So anyway, sadly enough. I started this mass workout that that site claims is like gold. Now I know diet means way way more than just the lifting. The lifting to me is simple if you increase weight, change reps and sets week to week and just do the shit with strict form. How much more cut and dry can it be?

My prob is I feel like the workout is just too damn easy, and really need to advance. I am increasing weight and whatnot, but I just want more of a challenge. Here is the workout. Note that I don’t have a bench. So instead of benching I have to pretty much just burn out sets of push-ups.

The mag said nothing about Powercleans but I added those in there, and also do rotator cuff and forearm work after each workout. The top 4 lifts in each workout are supersetted in pairs. Check it out…


Incline Pushups 3xBurnout
Flat Pushups 3x Burnout

Towel Row 3x5
Reverse Pusups 3x10

Power Cleans 3x10



Front Squat 3x5
Leg Curl 3x10 (I sub Straight leg Deads)

Deadlift 3x5
Hack Squat 3x10



Close Grip Chin up 3x5
B.B. Pullover 3x10

BB Shoulder Press 3x5
Upright Row 3x10

Power Cleans 5x3


So anyway, what I am asking is could anyone create me a little more advanced workout considering what I have at my disposal? Again my goal is size. I just feel like this workout is getting too easy. I mean I pile on the weight and go as heavy as I can… but I just am not feeling “spent” at the end of my workouts.

I still feel like I have alot more in the tank. What do you guys suggest? I have done this workout about 3 weeks now, and am getting a little bigger, but honestly about any lifting gets me bigger. I want to maximize my potential.

Any help would be great, and I cant wait to get in on some discussions

Yo, it’s the six million dollar man! Welcome to the site.

There’s lots of programs on here to pick from if you are looking for something different than what you are doing now.

If you’ve got all the time in the world right now, why only do a 3 day a week program? Not that more is always better, but I’d say do at least a 4 day per week program while you have the time to eat, sleep, and train.

Do a search engine on here and read all that you can. Whatever site you came from, the info is most likely not going to be the same caliber as the stuff you’ll find here.

Read around my friend. Next to training, eating, and sleeping, it’s the best thing you can do to make progress.


Thats a good point I guess. Alot of people argue the 3 day split when you aren’t juicing because it allows your body to fully recover and grow. I currently feel like I am not getting enough gym time though, so maybe 4 days would be better than trying to overload 3 days. Yeah I have looked around a little. I like what I see.

Right off the bat, you could vary the tempo and put more static holds into that routine. Try and figure out if your set/rep scheme is truely optimal.

Why so splits?