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1st Post, 1st Question (Nutrition)

Hey all.
Been reading and gleaning info for a few weeks.
Great site+info for new guys.
Search feature is a blessing.
I have a few questions on meal replacemen drinks.
About me. I drive a HazMat semi for 10-11hrs a day and got fat doin’ it.
Startin’ to work to get it off.

I’ve begun to eat much better. No junk food, no sweets, more natural foods.
Problem is 3 of my 5 meals a day have to be out of a takealong cooler.
I went down today and purchased CytoSports MuscleMilk on the advice of the GNC guy, was this a good option?

Figuring my oatmeal for breakfast, some fruit, water and MRS for 3 at work meals and smart chicken/lean meat, veggies for dinner. Whatta you think? Right now main thing is losing fat. I’m 6ft 310lbs 36yo M.
Doing full body/non split workout 4x week and 30-45 mins of rowing for my cardio on off days.
Open to any and all input. New to this but very motivated. Father and Mother have crap for health and it hit me that I am on the same track if I don’t change.

Bro, since you found this site when you have the time go into the store and read up on the products there. Especially the Metabolic Drive MRP’s and Grow! Premium Whey. Consider them in the future their a great combo of taste and quality. Use what you got for now. For health check out Flameout and REZ-V as well.

Take care,


Muscle Milk isn’t the best.

It’s got a LOT of calories, and many of them come from canola oil and sugar. (Check the label)

A better, and somewhat cheaper option would be just some regular 100% Whey Concentrate with skim milk for meal-replacements.

Well done mate! That all looks good to me. If you want to micro manage your food intake i worked out your calorie intake basd on height, age, weight, energy expenditure during the day and basal metabolic rate.
To lose weight it was 3246.88 calories…Not to be precise or anything!!!
Good luck.

Alright, so help me out here.
I thought at 64%protein-28%fat-4%carbs in a 350cal MR would be good.
What should I be looking for??
Set a brother straight folks.
I haven’t opened it yet, should I take it back or just use it and get something better next time.
The above is for a 2 scoop drink, maybe use 1 scoop??
It only has 15 servings in it,@ 3 per diem, that’s only a week.
Which of the ones from this site would be recommended?

There’s a review of Muscle Milk here:


As you can see from the article, there’s more to look for than the ratio of macronutrients.

There are studies that show a casein/whey blend is the way to go. My local Costco has a good formula. Just read the labels.

Personally, I save my protein shakes for immediately before and after my workouts when they do the most good. I eat real food for my other meals. I cook all my meals for the week on the weekend and freeze meal sized portions in ziplocks. You can cut up cooked chicken into bite sized nuggets and portion them out very easily. Throw a couple of bags into your cooler and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to heat them, they’re good cold. Add some veggie sticks like zucchini/celery/bell pepper and you’ve got a behind-the-wheel friendly meal.

Don’t forget the fish oil.


Good luck!