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1st place

Hi there. I just want to share this:
I won the norwegian championchip in benchpress junior 82,5kg (+overall winner) yesterday! I just had to tell it out loud!!!

// Sturla


This is without the benchpress-shirt! We cant use that in Norway! 155kg (about 330ibs. 13 ibs less than my personal record) 80,9kg bodyweight (about 170ibs) 20 years old, NO DRUGS (Really) If you use the benchpress-shirt you can lift many, many, many, pounds more!!
// Sturla

Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations. I’m 19 and I’d love to bench 330(and not max out) by the time I’m twenty. I don’t suppose you want to offer some training advice? I’d really appreciate anything you can give and the more the better. Thanks in advance.