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1st PL meet 6 weeks out


I'm jumping in to my first Powerlifting meet at the Cal State Games in San Diego this July 18th. I'm looking to compete in the 198's raw open division.

I know that there's a few lifters in here currently doing 5/3/1 and was wondering if they had any advice for peaking for the meet. I'm on my 5th cycle of 5/3/1 and am really enjoying it, but I haven't done any maxes since I started. I'm not too sure what numbers I should shoot for, and don't have a clue how to peak for the meet. Any advice would be appreciated.



I had a similar thread a few months ago-


-it might take a while to read all the posts and all the links, but it's worth it and does answer some of your questions- but not 5/3/1 specific.

I used the sheiko competition taper, but only went 6/9 at the meet. I think you might consider maxing or going to 90+% on bench a little more often- i went only 1/3 for bench. I'd be happy to answer any other questions as a former meet virgin.

Finally, I am planning on competing at that same meet, so i might see you there. I'll only be moving back to SD a week or so before though. Another forum member- Rape Weight - might be there too.


That big 5/3/1 thread where Jim posts is a great place to ask questions about 5/3/1!!


Thanks bearshark, I'll look through the posts.

Yeah Hanley I read through that thread near religiously, but as my question isn't directly related to the 5/3/1 workouts I didn't want to clutter that thread up. Jim even states in his book it's not specifically for competitive powerlifting, but I know of a few guys who do compete who are following the workouts.