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1st PL Comp April 23


Saturday, April 23

Munster Open Powerlifting & Single-lift Championships 2011

"Last chance to qualify for anyone still wishing to lift at the EPC Europeans championships 2nd - 5th June in the Kilmurry lodge Limerick."

So nervous and excitable all at the same time ! Didn't realise I needed to do this 1st.

Man no time to prepare or anything !


Good luck!


SO from talking to the guy

All 3 lifts .. weigh in at 10.30am on Saturday

If I do well, I get a chance to lift in the Europeans in June also in Limerick - Ireland.

Have no idea what kind of weights are needed, really looking forward to this !

Don't have a PL suit though, hopefully as a 1st timer I'll be left go...

Gonna be a ball of nerves Saturday morning to be fair yeesh talk about last minute information !