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1st Pink ... Now THIS!


Listen up kiddos,

Think back to that thread a few months ago in which about 90% of us said pink shirts were gay, and the remainder said they were "aight."

This thread here touches on another IDIOTIC fashion trend. This trend can be applied to the pink polo or any collared shirt. "It" is simply putting the collar up.

I think it is ridiculous. It looks dumb. Some fashion trends I actually like, and some are just plain stoopid. Since when have guys lost all ability to discern between manly and mirly? I guess it's just another symptom of the dumbing down / castration of America. This, my friends, is sad.

I saw a guy yesterday that must have been 30 get out of his A4 Stationwagon (1st clue) and walk into Starbucks (2nd clue) with his polo shirt collar up (3rd clue). I'm an avid fan of the 3 strikes rule, but you tell me.

[i]How gay is that?[/i]

rainjack - what kind of car do you drive, do you drink coffee, and were you in california yesterday?



I think it looks pretty gay. And dumb. But I gotta say-a lot of chicks dig it.


1996 GMC pickup, no while I'm driving, not yesterday.


Are you saying you think I'm a gay collar-wearer-upper?


mostly just the gay part, but the collar-wearer-upper, too.


Here's a good one I heard. A high school banned the color pink because they said it's a gang color. Boys at this high school cannot were pink shirts.


BFG.... This is nothing compared to the "NEW Style" kids around me do. These Skater kids wear girl pants. I ask one of them, and he's like yea these are girl pants. I was like wtf.


I personally don't know any gay guys who wear their collar up. Just douchebag fem-e-men. I'm sure you insulted all the gay dudes on this site. :slight_smile:

The best is when these dumb-ass collar people try to act tough though. I can't even keep a straight face as I walk past one of these bastards. Unfortunately, there tends to be a few more of them in Europe... luckily I'm heading back to Cali in 2 weeks.

Please don't tell me there's more of them now than 6 months ago...


I would give you my "State of the Union" address, but you don't want to know. It's a sad state indeed, even in my little hick town. (Yes, for those of you unaware, there are hicks and rednecks in California. We don't ALL live in the OC or San Fran.)



I thought this was a "clueless teenage" trend. What the hell was a grown man doing dressed like that? We don't see many older mirls around B.R. I think because the coonasses and rednecks have fun "hunting" them down. I really hate this trend. I've been bold enough to adjust a kid's collar now and then, especially when he's trying to act "hard" at the mall. My wife laughs her ass of when I do this.


Were they Jordache? LOL


I guess it's true what they say about fashion trends coming back. And they seem to do so in order. Weren't bell bottoms "in" a few years ago? Now it seems that the preppy look of the '80s is in. When I was in high school, the "cool" crowd wore polos with the collar turned up. They also wore polos with the collar turned up underneath their button downs. I wore button downs and polos, but never pink, and never with the collar turned up. I have several worn out polos that I use as workout shirts. If you have a big neck, the open collar is more comfortable than a T-shirt. But never turn the collar up.


Wow, and I thought gaydom eminated from the "left coast". Apparently you east side boys got your own flavor! What is this, another East vs. West battle? If so, I gotta say you guys are winning. How old are these kids anyway?

And regarding what somebody said about "chicks dig it". Well, they would also dig it if you lopped off your schlong and were thus rendered TOTALLY inert. Would you do that TOO?

BTW, if anyone sees a guy wearing girl pants with a pink shirt and the collar up, I hereby grant you permission to beat the living sh!t out of her.



BFG Where are you at in cali


If hick towns are already seeing this, my college town must be filled with the grotesque little mosquitos. Damn.

On the bright side, I like to see men like this removing themselves from the dating pools of the kind of women I like. I can tell you that I could never date a woman who could date one of these fucktards.


I never said I personally would do it. I don't base my actions on what some women like or not. There's enough variety in this world that being yourself should get you hot chicks if you're decent looking and have a good personality and confidence. I think it looks pretty stupid. But I have friends who pop their collars. They pull pretty hot chicks and in general do very well and enjoy their lives. It's just a stupid fashion trend. Nothing more.


So you're basically saying that you go into public with these people...


These kids go to special ed schools?


I went to a private high school where we had to wear uniforms. We had a few options for shirts and one of the options was our school's polo shirt. I remember in 9th grade I used to wear my collar up. I never remember doing it because it made me look "harder" I just sorta...did it.

But remember, I was in 9th grade.



Although this trend may be effeminate, it's a lot better than that teenage fashion statement of wearing pants 10 sizes too big half-way down their asses with their underwear showing. Can't tell you how many times I've wanted to give these kids a wedgy. But even that trend was relatively harmless. The bottom line is that the majority of teenagers are stupid. The handful of smart ones are labelled geeks. If you are a teenager reading this, and you are offended by being called stupid, chances are, you're stupid. Come tell us how smart you are when you get a job and stop living with mommy and daddy.