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1st Physique Show


Im 39 years old and im prepping for my 1st mens physique show on July 8th…I have been training reall hard this past year to get my body in the best shape possible!..i cut down from 194 to 178 lbs but my body fat is very low and def more leaner and shredded!..just like to get imput and opinions of other people and what you ALL think and I will use that for my coming weeks!..I appreciate the feedback!!..I’m currently 5’11 180 lbs and prob about 9% body fat…been trying real hard to develop striations in shoulders chest and arms!:muscle:

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Well done so far. Men’s physique has no judging on quads and hams. How are the calves?

Is that Photoshop weirdness going on with your gut? Or do you have a hernia?


Looking jacked but can’t really give any quality feedback for the stage. If you could post some pictures further away of your mandatory poses/quarter turns with better lighting and not a selfie-style pic it would be easier to give quality feedback.


I was thinking the same thing.

Give us some straight on pics, possibly mandatories and I guarantee you’ll get some good feedback.



no they are not photo shopped that is a gastric-pacemaker in my stomach!..This is a Big Goal for me because my journey has been long i had a translpant 7 years ago and currently live without a pancreas so im a T1D…I was on a mission to get on stage no matter how hard it was and i put in aot of work to do it…I will post some pics tomorrow where you can get a better look but everybody who has competed told me judges will not knock off any pts becaause of my pace maker it might even help me becaaue they will see how dedicated i am and how hard it was for me vs anybody else!..thanks again for he comments fellas!


Here are more pics Guys!!



You look great, it’s awesome that you have achieved this despite your set backs, it’s a real lesson to the sad fucks that come on here with there bullshit excuses and made up ailments.

Best of luck!


Awesome work. I would’ve guessed hernia from that side shot. Several guys in my family have one, so that’s where my mind went.

Your show is a month out so no time to build, just get leaner. Delts are impressive, rear especially. Hard to see your lats in these poses. If I had to nitpic… then lats.


Appreciate that Bro!..Yeah its been a long road back but thats why its going to be more rewarding when I step out on that Stage!


im not looking to add anymore size!..Im in cutting season so just trying to shred more until the show!..i appreciate the comments and will let you guys know how it turns out and will post pics!


Conditioning looks on target. Keep pushing, and carb up right and you’ll look pretty damned good onstage!



thanks The_Mighty_Stu…Def will!..on a mission to have my body right when time comes!