1st PH

Hey guys I’ve read the stickie and just ordered 3 bottles of Hemobolin-250 and three of that new Tren 13. What do ya think about the choice of compunds, what have you guys heard? There’s all kinds of reading to do on all kinds of shit, but these two seem to have the most promise of puting on dry hard muscle. Input, questions, flames… all welcome. BTW good to be back boys. J23

Dumb, dumb, dumb. Good waste of money. Cancel your order.

Aren’t you dude the that was going to run a shitload of gear with insulin and Anaconda and God knows what else? And now you want to use some shitty PHs? What gives?


What the fuck?


Yea, I posed the question more as an idea to throw around for fun, then everyone kinda ran with it. Oh and the thing about the PH’s, I had to “go away” for a bit and lets just say ANY type of infraction of the law would not be a good thing for me for the next 5 yrs. Especially seeing as I never get anything through the mail, always dealer direct(from the country of orgin :0).) Also the only reason for me trying PH’s is I actually saw a guy on a “cycle” of Episatne and the results were pretty good. J23

"However I’ve been thinking of saving up and going all out I mean all out! Well as much as money and school/work allows. Here’s my idea and please feel free to add/take out… "

This doesnt sound like a question or just an idea. Sounds like the real deal (in reference to your old post).

Just do a cycle and get it over with. Epistane is NOT a PROHORMONE. It is a legitimate steroid. It can yield good results. Your shit probably won’t.

Sorry about the confusion about the old post, I wrote it haven’t looked back. Now that I just did I can def. see what you’re talking about. But honestly I really did want to do it and had the connects just a bad set of circumstances came in to play.

Anyway the Hemobolin is supposed to be an Epistane/Havoc clone so we’ll see. I tried to order the real Epistane by IBE but EVERYWHERE I checked…sold out. The Tren 13 is made by NRG-X and is supposed to be stronger than 1-AD or Spawn, but claims are sometimes all they are, claims. I guess I’ll just keep you guys posted on how it goes.

I still have 3 wks of Strength Endurance Training before I switch to hypertrophy training which is when this all kicks off. I’ll make sure to give a list of all supps with complete food and traing log for those who are interested. Take Care guys. J23