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1st Osta Cycle - Lipid, BP, Cardiovascular Q's

I’ve had lipid, cardiovascular and BP issues in the past. Though my lipids are well under reference range now, how drastic of a change will there be after cycle? I’m hearing a major dump in hdl, total cholesterol and increase in ldl.

Personal info: 41yrs old, 163lbs, 1.5 yrs training exp, diet on point

Current lipids: hdl 53, triglycerides 99, ldl 50, non hdl cholesterol 68, total cholesterol 121

Total Test: 436

Meds: 40mg Lipitor, Vascepa (prescription grade fish oil)

I was thinking a 8 week cycle as follows:
Week 1-2 / 12.5mg, week 3-4 / 15mg, week 5-8 / 20mg. Might even shorten for a 6 week cycle.

Before doing so wanted to see if anyone can share their feed back on expected lipid changes, cardiovascular challenges, and BP fluctuations while on cycle?

If there are changes/fluctuation is it just time off cycle that regulates lipids back to normal? Does pct effect lipids or is that for jump starting your natural T production only?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

Let me see if I have this right.

You have issues with your BP, heart, and lipids.

And you want to use a drug that has no fda approval and little to no long term research has been done on exactly how it affects you.

Did I get that right?

How did you hear about that? I ask because I and some of my clients have fairly large holdings of the company that sells it. I’m curious about their penetration into the market. Did you get it from a cardiologist or from your GP?

Also no, don’t mess with Ostarine. It probably won’t hurt you short term, but the gains will disappear pretty fast and you need the same pct that you’d use with a real cycle. It’s not worth it at this point. If I’m being generous I’d say that it has a place in some cycle, but realistically I’m hard pressed to name what that circumstance would look like.

Yes, in the past. Over 1.5 yrs ago, had elevated lipids and BP. Started lipitor at that time, down to half dose over 6 months ago, and dropping it altogether on Monday. Replaced with pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Also dropped my blood pressure meds well over 6 months ago.

Nuclear stress tests are clear.

Figured asking about Osta from people with experience would be wise. Being transparent about everything apparently not so wise.

Cardiologist. Great product but not cheap. Insurance wouldnt cover it because my cholesterol and triglycerides were not high enough. Go figure…

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Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate the reaponse!