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1st MMA Cycle


hey walkaway like your name says.. if he has never done a cycle 30mg daily of any oral will have an effect.

As for the high dose nolva for the first few days why not? He is older and doing his first cycle why not block up most of his receptors and not let them up take hardly any estorgen and let me restart his system.


I am not going to argue with you...The simple truth is; I am right, and you need to do more research.


haha ok so says the little kid..


You told him to use 100mg/day of tamoxifen which is plain and simply wrong. Your horribly written explanation of "why not" is completely unsupportive of your recommendation. And you didn't say the first few days the first time; you said taper from 100 to 20 over the course of 4 weeks. That would imply 100/70/40/20 - this is so much more than is necessary.

Also, an 8 week long estered testosterone cycle is questionable as well.

And again, 30mg of oxandrolone per day for 3 weeks will provide little noticeable affect, if any at all.


Thats not true at all. Where did you read that? Only Suspension needs to pin ED.


Prop definitely should be pinned once a day. Ideally, suspension would be pinned multiple times a day to maintain stable blood levels.


Ok so i was way too vague..With the Nolva dosing

100mg first 2days to get it in the system
80mg next 5 days
60mg week 2
40mg week 3
20mg week 4

Start AlphaMale or prefered test booster 2nd week of pct. Once again I don't think this is the only way but I know it has worked wonders in the past after. If you run a short cycle that doesnt shut you down so hard or if you are still a 21 year old then you wont need so much to restart you.


I've never seen or heard of anyone using that much tamoxifen, but if it works for you, then I can't argue with your use of it as such doses.