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1st Meet Results, Thoughts, Any Advice?


Well, for a first meet, I am very happy with how everything went. We were there from 8am until 10pm though. I’m hoping they aren’t normally so drawn out. There were 60 lifters total. I wound up taking 1st, out of two. Ha. I was in the 181 raw classic amateur division. It seems everyone goes sleeves or wraps, maybe this is something I should look into?
I cut more than I realized or wanted. Weighed in at 176.2 and after watching the video, I have come to terms with the fact that I am too skinny, I definitely need to go up a weight class.
The very first squat, the bar rolled up on my back as I was coming up. Never used a monolift, so I didn’t get a good rack, but was able to fix that on the next two attempts.
I think I made the right attempt selections, and was pretty bummed about the last deadlift. The most weight I touched in training was 475, and the 485 felt surprisingly light, except for the lockout issue. So I think I peaked fairly well. The squat and deadlift were both PR’s.
if you have any thoughts or comments, please go ahead. Or any suggestions on areas that I need to work on would be greatly appreciated. I ended up with a 1061.5 total going 7/9. https://youtu.be/rRQrI0mx1HY


I’d definitely recommend sleeves. I hate to squat without them anymore. The one thing that stood out to me is how you look down during your squat. Seems like it makes you fold over, might help you to look straight ahead


I’m a little bummed you weren’t wearing black chucks on any of your lifts. All joking aside, good job!

Oh and on a side note, it seemed as if the back spotter was touching you during your 2nd squat attempt. Am I seeing things wrongly or?


Nice job man.

This to me as well, and it also happened during your pulls. It looked like you would get tight to unrack the bar and them immediately loosen up and look down when you began the lift. Try to work on keeping your head up or neutral and your upper back squeezed tight the entire time you have the weight. For your deadlift, this will help allow your lats to finish off your lockout. If you don’t do any upper back work, now is the time to start (face pulls, high rows, etc)

Other suggestions:

Get a coach if you can afford it. Whether its online or in person… Noone does this shit alone.

Start a log here. I will follow.

Eat more. You’re 5’11 right? Don’t have to turn into a fat bastard but … You should weigh at least 200 lbs. At least!

Nice job though man. All I could think about after my first meet was my second one.


I don’t remember feeling him behind me…
But who knows.


Thanks for the feedback.
Looking back on my prep for this, I either neglected posterior work or didn’t take it as seriously as I should have, including upper back accessory work. I think I need to put as much effort and intensity into all other work just like I do the main three.


In for a log too for sure.

That’s some nice work, very good grind on your third squat.

I’d shoot for the 220s. You’ve got two inches on me and you’re leaner; you’d still be on the skinny side at 198 lbs. Just keep slowly growing and you’ll be fine.

An excellent sentiment. I do OK in my class despite an abysmally poor bench because the back side of my body can move semi decent loads. You will never go wrong by getting your posterior chain and back stronger.


I am going to work on looking up next time i squat. I’m not really sure why i got into that habit.
I’m definitely looking forward to doing another meet for sure.

Also, started a log today.


Nice grind on that last squat!


Thank you!
I am glad i had a few workouts leading up to this where i had to grind out a squat or two so i knew what it felt like going into it…