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1st Meet in December. How Am I Doing So Far?


Im 22, 6foot tall and weigh 268. Ive been training for about 3 years.

Squat-615 (had a tiny bit left in the tank)
Deadlift-600 (had a tin bit left in the tank)
These are gym lifts.....only going to be doing my first meet in December. Am i doing well or am I going to be destroyed in the meet?


Doing a meet is almost always a good idea, what fed are you competing in? And there is no such thing as getting destroyed you are there to post YOUR total and hit your pr's. That said you have good numbers if those are done within the rules and stuff. Best thing you can do now is work on weakness and be prepared for meet commands.


Its an RPS meet.....all the lifts were done well except for bench it was not paused....my friend is a strength coach and is helping me out with everything


Those numbers will probably be plenty to win a local meet. RPS is a great federation, be sure to post how the meet goes :slightly_smiling:


will do! im hoping everything goes up by the time the meet comes


Mate, those are pretty good for a first meet.


I think I just watch to many Youtube videos and expect myself to be stronger lol


Those are very good numbers. Don't let anyone kid you. You'll be competitive and you have a lot of years ahead of you if you train properly. Good luck in December!


You will get destroyed if you don't lift to your expectations. Powerlifting is about competing against yourself, that's it, who gives a fuck about the other guys. I'm 335 lbs, my last meet total was 1400ish I think, and I was very, very happy. The other guys in my class did over 2k, and they were cheering me on as I was them.

No one cares what you can lift at a meet, everyone is on the same team there, it's a different feeling and one that is very awesome and addicting.

Just make your opener very light, my buddy bombed out on squat, went to heavy regardless of what I told him, he was just scared as hell


Thanks! I do my best to make sure I have proper form so I can keep at it for a long time and hopefully one day be in the big leagues


I already hit my goals in my lifts, now set new goals to 450 bench and 700 squat/deadlift. and for the opener I was told to open with a weight that i can do cleanly on anyday even if sick


Your numbers are very good and you won't feel out of place. What I mean by hitting your goals are there are gym PR's and there are meet PR's. Don't expect to hit a 50lb pr on the stage, in fact, you more than likely will lift less than you do in the gym on the first meet.

My buddy just did his first meet, bombed out on squat, then had to sit for 9 hours watching. He opened with 440 on squat, his gym PR is 480 and he just missed 495. He bombed it 3 times, something he should have got easily. The very first squat means nothing on the first meet but it allows you to advance.

My first meet I thought I was at depth, I wasn't, so my opener I had to do twice, and I barely made it on my 2nd attempt.

Once you do it once, the 2nd one is on auto mode and very addicting, good luck!


I get what you mean now Ive started doing squats to pins to get comfortable with hitting depth in wraps the video is the most recent squat day 565x2