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1st Meet, 1st Place!


What's up guys! I'm stoked to have completed my 1st competition through the WNPF, drug free federation, in Atlanta. I started terrible, but finished strong in the 165lb. weight class. The guys on this board were right- my squats were too high. I started at 235lbs- piece of cake. Then went to 275lbs. 3 red lights- judge said I was 2" too high. It felt sooo light though so I made the mistake of adding another 10lbs. and getting the same result. Had I went w/ 265lbs for my second attempt, I'm confident I could have hit depth. Instead I left an extra 30 lbs. on the table, so to speak. Bench I started at 195lbs- piece of cake, then 215, then I squeaked out 225 BUT apparently my butt came off the bench. DAMN. And I practiced keeping it on. Deadlift I killed it. 345lbs, 380lbs. 400 lbs. and not one red light- but my form at the bottom was dogshit, luckily I pull tight and lock out at the top. I'm thinking now I need to find a powerlifting gym to help w/ my squats b/c I feel like I could hit 315lbs. on the monolift today if I had the proper technique.
ps. There was some debate about this- after the 1st lift, you give the 2nd lift attempt, and after 2nd attempt, you give the 3rd so you don't have to decide your 3rd right after your 1st.


Congratulations!!! You will be more prepared for the next one.


Congrats dude
Now that you saw that your depth and wrong leg drive cause you problems be sure to work on them
Again nice job


1st meets are such valuable experiencess, great job on entering and competing. Sick ass trophy!!


congrats mate, sick ass trophy