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1st Meal after Surge

Man, they did a great job with the taste of surge! Im curious though, on the container it says to have a meal consisting of %66 carbs and %33 protein If you are trying to gain weight. Are you guys just using mrp’s?

I prepare a meal consistant with Berardi’s recommendations, however, I don’t eat it, I drink it. I mix one cup of skim milk, one cup lowfat cottage cheese, one scoop protein powder, one banana, two-thirds of a cup of lowfat granona, some cinnamon and some water in a blender and mix it for a few minutes. As far as I know, it meets the percentages and it tastes pretty good, too. Hope this helps.

Ok, thats a good one. I was hoping to eat more of a meal. Does anyone else feel really tired after taking surge? Sometimes I get a little light headed.

I used to get light-headed half an hour or so after drinking my surge. Now that I take half before and half after my workout I don’t notice this anymore. As for the taste, I definitely agree! I think the stuff tastes fantastic and it’s a real treat after working out.

I split the Surge also a half before training and a half after training. How long do you guys wait to eat your next meal after the post workout surge? I used to wait an 1 1/2 hours before I started splitting it up.

Get back to your complex carb and lean meat. Depending on what time I trained the ratio of C:P:F will vary but most of the time for me it’s 7 oz ground london broil and 7 oz. yam and VIT C and E 1,000 mg and 400 iu.

Tell me what is the science behind consuming half a serving before?

Since I have been splitting my post workout shake into pre/post workout shakes I have been waiting 45 minutes to eat my solid meal.

Will, Beradi went over new research in his latest Appetite for Construction column which showed the importance of a pre and post workout meal. He recommended taking half the Surge serving before or during training and half afterwards.