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1st Labs on TRT

I’ve been on TRT for about 8 weeks now, these labs were taken around the 4 week mark, before my injection.
I’m on 125mg a week, split up into twice a week injections.

Energy and libido was picking up around week 3-4, then has gone down to similar to before TRT. My Dr believes this is due to the E2 being high.
He prescribed me anastrozole, .5mg with injections to combat this, although I’ve read on here people doing more frequent injections instead.
I took .5g with my last injection just to see how I felt. I got a bit anxious for a few hours, and later on in the day I had a lot more energy.

If I were to do EOD injections instead, I would be injecting 35.7 mg every time?

My prolactin is also high, but an endo in the past said this was a stress response to getting blood tests. He had me get 3 in a row, 15 minutes apart and it lowered each time and ended in the middle of the range.

I would appreciate any advice/feedback.

High prolactin can be cause by an underactive thyroid, high estrogen and ejaculating within 24 hours of lab testing. I think you need daily injections if you truly want to feel optimal.

There is no way for your doctor to know high prolactin is caused by anxiety do to blood draw without ruling out the other causes.

Most of the time when people feel better a few weeks in and see a drop off around week 4 it’s because the dose isn’t high enough. That’s around the time natural production is stopping so your levels decline some. You’d have to take more T to compensate.


You don’t need a higher dose. Your Free T is good. Your SHBG is low and as such you should switch to daily injections and perhaps lower your overall weekly dose. Not sure about the prolactin

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@danielsan30005 I felt the same way at week 3 and 4 and the feeling amazing dropped of the face of the earth.

I have very similar bloods as you , I’m thinking of uppi g the dose but with similar e2 I’m a little worried of it going up to much @ncsugrad2002 what do you think

What’s your SHBG? If it’s less than 20 than you have a better chance of issues with a higher dose. If not then raise that dose.

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@dextermorgan shbg is at 27 my e2 is at 160 with a reference of under 150

My libido is still up today as well.
So not taking the AI and daily dose is what I should try?
Would it be worth trying eod first?

I won’t be seeing my Dr again until around march.
Have you tried an AI or anything and noticed a difference?

My SHBG isn’t much higher and my E2 is almost 80 (35 top range). Be careful with the AI’s if you don’t need them. Higher test needs higher E2.

@danielsan30005 no I have not tried a ai, I am feeling much better the past 2 weeks as I have been sleeping close to 8 hours and started supplementing b12 as I was low in it.

@dextermorgan when I convert my e2 to the same range as what you’re using I get 46 so it’s not overly bad, also my free t is at 22 before I started it was 18, I would like to get it to 30.
Atm I am doing 100mg twice a week and am prescribed 125 so I might bump it up a little, hopefully I can get the doc to give me roughly 175mg a week

Sounds like a good plan to me

Your total t seems low to me.

Im 19.5 nmol/l although with 54 SHBG naturally and I start TRT next month.

A friend of mine who is on TRT feels well on 37nmol/l total t and he has only 18 SHBG.

With this low SHBG forget you will feel fine on 2 times per week. You need to inject ED like @systemlord said.

On your place I would increase frequency and maybe dosage, just my 2 cents

If you took bloods at 4 weeks after starting, you probably just needed to ride it out for a couple to a few more weeks. 4 weeks into a new protocol is a little early to take labs as your body still is in limbo and making adjustments to the influx of exogenous test.

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I thought it was a strange time for them, the doctor wanted them after 3 weeks.
It’s been over 8 weeks now

Have you gotten new labs without having made any adjustments recently to see where your at? I just went and looked at your shbg and it is pretty low so you would probably do better with more frequent injections. Thats up to debate though with some.

I haven’t, I got them and then waited to see the Dr.
I have a forms for another, but he said to see him again in March.
I feel like taking the AI made me feel a bit more energetic, but if more frequent injections work then I’d rather do that.
I’m not sure to try 3 times a week, every other day or daily though.

Did you end up deciding if you are going to up your dose?
I’ve gone on to EOD injections, see how that works out.

I think so. Everybody is different. Half life for Test E and C is pretty long ~1week. Shots don’t bother me (I look forward to them actually since I am getting test), but why not at least try EOD.

I’m deciding whether to inject 50mg every 3 days instead of 3.5 or to increase to 62.5 mg I’m thinking the later as I would mind going upto a little bit of a higher peak.
Honestly I feel good 3/4 days a week and feel average foe 2 and 1 really shit day. Alot better before starting, I think if I can ditch weed, coffee and porn it would help me greatly