1st Kettlebell Session Finished...

Just finished my first session with my 16kg kettlebell; using the Pavel Tsatsouline routine found on FieldMarshall’s site;


It was over quite faster than I had anticipated…This is how I followed the routine, think I may have read it wrong??

C & P (Clean & Press?) 5 right arm; 5 left arm; rest 10 right arm; 10 left arm

I followed this video on YouTube to see how to do it…Correct??

I followed this with 2 reps of 10 doing SN & FSQ (Full Squat?)

I followed this video on YouTube

…and that was it… Does that seem correct… don’t get me wrong I’m aching slightly know, esp the thighs but it seemed a bit correct and to be honest a lot harder work on my left arm than my right…Is there anything I should be doing diff or adding to my routine; looking to cut weight and tone as oppose to build more muscle, I’m sure there is an Spartan under here somewhere…

If anyone could help it would be great and maybe link me to video’s of the moves I should be doing; finding kettlebell routines was not as easy as I thought…

If your left side aches more than your right, its likely because it’s your weaker side. Doing unilateral work will increase it’s strength (the weak side) and help balance you out. This is a good thing.

Cleaning and pressing, snatches and doing front squats are all great exercises. You’ve got to be shitting yourself if you’re thinking you’re getting a great workout with a 35lb hunk of iron.

IME, high-rep kettlebell swings with minimal rest (like, 20-30 seconds) are a decent source of conditioning, but they’re not likely to put on muscle, or increase your athleticism that much.

The same movements with a barbell and some serious weight, however, will do wonders.