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1st Injection, Immediate Light Headness


I did my first injection today, the injection went well, but afterwards, I got lightheaded really fast. I've had incidents before w/ light headedness before when having blood drawn at my doctors and I just wanted some input as to whether these nerves will pass with time.


Injection of what?


Happens to most people on the first one I think. I thought I was going to pass out/die. Went to the gym 15 min. later.
Make sure you eat beforehand.


250mg of Test-E.

Good idea about eating first. I just got home from work and was too excited/anxious to remember to eat first


ive had that happen and was on empty stomach... i got light headed and started cold sweats, then about 10min after i was done all was fine again....

i pin in the morning so i always make sure to eat breakfast before...