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1st IFBB Classic Bodybuilding Contest


So the very first “classic” BBing contest was just recently held, and as seemingly intended, not a single protruding gut, assymetrical physique, or pair of board shorts was anywhere to be seen onstage.
(Sorry for no pics, on my phone)

The final winner? Danny Hester! How many of you guys even remember that name? -lol



I wasn’t up for the new division when I first heard of it, but I really like the look.


here’s a pic for y’all


Fine physique, though could do with more arm size.


If I remember correctly, he was Muscle Media’s sponsored golden boy for a short while.
Then they dropped him for “lack of dedication” or something along those lines.
We’re talking like 15+ years ago…
Amiright or amiright?


Yeah, Hester’s 15+ years “old school” -lol.

Hester, Roger (Robert?) Applewhite,… all the guys who compared to the top IFBB Pros has physiques that looked attainable at the time.



Where’d you find the stage shots? It might be obvious, but the site that hosted it didn’t seem to have the stage shots up yet and I couldn’t find them elsewhere.


I saw some on the competitors’ Instagram page. This is the top five. Kinda interesting that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places (Hester, Darrem Charles, and Stan McQuay respectively) are all early to mid-40s, the 4th and 5th place guys are mid-20s.

And, yeah, that dude on the right (Darnell Ferguson, came in 5th) is 6’4" and said he was about 230 on stage.