1st EDT Workout...NOT SORE???!!!!

i just finished my first EDT arm workout earlier today. it is about 8 hours later now, and im not sore at all. i know soreness generally takes a while to set in, but i thought i wasnt suppose to be able to raise my arms!! i followed the program to the very last detail. for all lifts i picked a weight that was about a 12 rep max, and started doing 8 reps each set. i rested only about 10-15 seconds between each exercise, and only about 5 minutes between 15-minute-programs (and yes, i did it for the full 15 minutes). i guess maybe i just didnt push myself hard enough or something, but it definitely wasnt as intense as i was expecting. what do you guys think?

DOMS takes longer, hence the “D”. And remember that soreness is not a sign of effectiveness.

How many reps where you ending with? If it wasn’t 5 or under than you were using too light of a weight.

Work harder.

Why do people train to be sore? Something that I will never understand. If you’re basing the effectiveness of your workout on how sore you get then you are a lost sheep.

Machine is right on, since when has soreness become the goal?? In fact training your system “properly” over time will lead to a reduction in post workout soreness in your future workouts. It’s the basis for the mega-progression that the Renegade Training way is based upon.

im no fucking sheep!
i just wanted to know if i hadnt worked hard enough since the article said that you wouldnt even be able to raise your arms. it is now the next day, and im not even as sore as i am after my regular arm workout. maybe i’ll just try using heavier weight.

It could be a couple of things:

  1. It could be you’ll wake up tomorrow sore as hell…DOMS often takes around 48 hours to appear.
  2. It could be you have a lot more FT 2b muscle fibers in your arms and because of this you weren’t able to take a long enough rest period in between sets following the program as outlined to get maximum stimulation. I notice this whenever I did the original GVT…I got absolutely zero stimulation in my upper body muscle groups as the rest intervals were too short and because of this the weights utilized were too light.