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1st EAS Championship

I was wondering if anyone else had ever seen the letter Brad Wadlow(one of the 10 grand champions) wrote to MM2K(issue 54). He says in the letter that hes a competitive bodybuilder. I thought these champions were people who were in piss poor shape and just needed a little motivation. Sounds like Brad fattened up and stopped lifting and then just resumed what he had always done as a competitive bodybuilder. Kinda sucks if ya ask me.

I remember. I competed in that contest back in '97 (I know, what the hell was I thinking?!) I honestly believed that Sir Phillips was going to choose the champs based on overall improvement…but I was pretty disappointed when I saw the winners. I lost to that chick who lived in Beverly Hills and had a sob story, forget her name. Seemed the winners were chosen more for their marketing value rather than their improvements. I was also disappointed when some of them were forgiven for failing the steroid issue. Oh well, live and learn.

Another piece of phillips bullshit was on that dude Clark Bartrum. He does this article on him praising clark for being a natural body builder who has been doing the motivational circuits for 10+ years, then a couple of years later they do this myoplex add with clark being a fat fuck and leaning out to contest shape, what a crock of shit.

Way the fuck back when MM and Met-rx hosted the first generation contests some dude, can’t remember the name, won. He lo0oked OK and his story was plausible. Then, three years later, his mulleted fat ass popped up as a winner of a Musclemag transformation contest. I know that I spotted him out many others must have as well. I can hear it now, “what do you do for a living?” “Oh, I’m a fat fuck by day who leans up and sandbags wins at transformation contests”