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1st Dianabol cycle

 How should I use 200 Dbol?  I am 5'9" 170lbs with about 8% bodyfat, 27 years old.  I've been training for a good 5 years.  I am trying to get a hold of Clomid, but if I don't, what should I use instead?  I am not going for the most possible muscle here, just some muscle to keep while being safe.  I would be happy with 5-8 lbs.  

If D-bol is all you have, I recommend 50mg/day in divided doses for 12-14 days - then up to 40mg/day morning and noon only. Some have had success going 25mg/day for 6 weeks, though. Considering this to be your first cycle you might go for the latter option, but I’ve personally seen great gains and no losses with the first option. -

Borge, BSc