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1st Day Using Clen/T3 - Didn't Feel It


I am new to TNation. I usually post at BB.com.
anyway, i don't know if i posted this in the right section. But i am assuming I am.
Today, I took 40 mcg of clen/25mcg of T3 for my 1st day.
I was supposed to take 20 mcg, but i bumped it up to 40 mcg as I am a stimulant
junkie who has a really high tolerance.

unfortunately, at 40 mcg, i didn't feel anything. no jittery, no shaking effects,, just a tad more sweating during my workout, but that probably because it was warm out today.

Does anyone have any suggestions, should i bump it up to 60 mcg tomorrow. or continue with 40 mcg as planned.??


Its probably fake.