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1st day powerlifting

I took all of your advice and incorporated some powerlifting imto my workout. Could someone please critique my day and answer some questions. I started with the quad machine to warm up. Then I did my regular squat routine (smith machine) heavy as possible 3-4 sets of 4 to 6. Then I did some deadlifts. Started with 135 to get the form down and eventually did some reps at 205. My question is, in the 10 common mistakes article, the author said don’t do reps. How do you guys do them? one at a time with brief rest periods. Next, I did a push press/clean superset. Well, not really a superset, but alternating between the two. I was really weak, doing sets of 5 with 85-105 pounds.
Is it normal to be this weak in the begining?
Will the proper form come with strength or does strength come with form?

Ditch the smith machine it does not allow for the proper form.

I took all of your advice…

NO, YOU DID NOT. I think most people said do NOT squat in the smith machine and you still do!!! If you don’t have a squatrack available do some hacklift, real hacks,not on a machine. They’re like a deadlift with the bar behind you.

Regarding not doing reps on deadlift. They mean you should put the bar down between reps, reset and lift again. App. 2 seconds “rest” between reps.

Always, always, always, proper form comes first. Spend some money on a qualified trainer or ask some experienced lifter to help you with the technique but listen to them. It’s no point asking for advice and not listen what they have to say, in the end NOBODY will help. They won’t waste time on an ungrateful moron.

What is a “quad machine”

If it is a leg extension ditch that too.

Check out Joe DeFranco’s vertical jump article in previous issue from march 26.

There is a hip flexor stretch in there that is a great warm up.

Well, it has worked for me anyway.

Your form should be established before you move on to heavy weight. If you can’t get the form down with a light weight, you will injure yourself with a heavier one. As for the deadlifts, you don’t have to do singles unless you are trying to develop maximal strength for a single, such as is required in a powerlifting competition. If you do singles, then yes you would you 1 rep, rest the desired amount and then do another rep/set, etc. I also wouldn’t recommend you do a maximal squat and max. deadlift in the same workout. The volume on the squats seems low as well. If you are going to do low reps, then you will have to increase the amount of sets.

Careful. This guy’s last few threads have all ended in him cursing out those who gave him advice.

I do not squat and DL on the same day. Whichever I did last, I would be useless on. I usually squat on Tuesday, and DL on Friday. Then I’ll mix it up and switch them around when I want to focus on one, more than the other.

I lifted so light today, I didn’t think it would matter. I basically just introduced myself to the exercises.

Some of Ian King’s articles really break down the squat and deadlift, read them. The Westside articles will do this too, but I think you will find, as others have already, you need some experience with a traditional squat technique before trying any ‘powerlifting’ style movements.

Work with light weight and slowly increase as you strength improves. Poliquin’s 6X2-4 in Maximal Weights works well for that type of training.

And quit using that smith machine. No squat rack? You probably shouldn’t be squatting enough weight to need one anyway. Learn to split squat as well. I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t benefit from Split Squats.

And BTW, Read the Previous Issues!

Box squat!

When do the new articles come out? How come no pushups. Everyone is always saying to do multi-joint movements. Aren’t pushups a multi-joint exercise?

I don’t know how you guys can entertain and put up with this shit.

This message is not meant to offend you, growingfast, but you really need to stop posting every minute, mundane little question/comment you have on this forum. Go find a friend who is big, strong and knowledgeable, and ask him for advice and techniques.
In the meantime, read the past issues(like everyone has been telling you), go to johnberardi.com and read all his articles on nutrition, go buy “Nutrient Timing” by John Ivy & Robert Portman.(That’s not an advertisement, I’m just reading it now and there’s a lot of good info)

The posters here are not here to babysit, but to give timely advice. If you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, then for pete’s sake, fucking READ.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t get anywhere with this post. I’m better off beating my head against a smith machine.

I wish you the best of training. Go forth and learn, just don’t pollute our forum.

Semper Fi

You need to read the previous issues. All of your answers are in there.

I’m better off beating my head against a smith machine.
Damn, someone finally found a use for that machine - Thanks Edgar.

…is NielG back?? LOL

heres my advice. do the squats and DLs before you do the “quad machine”. i think i know which machine you mean and do that last. also, about the smith machine. i have that at my gym too. its a university gym and they put it in there because some dumbass kid was trying to be the man, put on too much weight and tore his knee so now they dont want injuries. what they dont realise is that the machine RUINS your knees if you try to keep proper form thus you cant do proper form on the machine. if you really want to do squats, go ahead, but i suggest you dont on the machine, you will pay with your knees.
as far as DLs i prefer to do them with a 1 sec pause at the bottom and then explode up. nothing too big, i dont believe in resting. also, one rep max is okay, but 5 reps of something is better.

hope that helped.

Yes they are indeed a multijoint exercise but not much good for building size or strength since even a relatively untrained guy could do 20 reps! Stick a plate on your back or some bands round your arms or have a partner lie on your back and then they might be more applicable.